Entry for March 09, 2008″Imaginations and Premonitions”

When one is a very small, their imaginations run the gambit. This occurs only sometimes and not in all children. The child in some cases doesn’t have siblings or is the only gender in the family. One doesn’t correlate necessarily between imaginations and premonitions. In some instances it is good to have these. When speaking with a close friend, in a deep conversation and planning what will be done for activities in the future, and then the time comes when they are finally together and it is done verbatim as spoken. Are those premonitions in a way? If the close friend says to me “we will do this or that” and this will happen at a future date; then I think I have answer my own question. Along the same lines, if an event one wants to happen then one will think in the opposite way; knowing full well that if one thinks in that way that the event that one wants to actually occur will in fact happen. Is one testing fate? I would think they are in some cases. However, I think that it is good to think in that vain. This way of thinking is very positive. And not in the fact that when some tragedy happens and is unsolvable by authorities; that these particular officials will use some soothsayer in the attempt to solve the crime. Is the soothsayer in cahoots with the officials? These individuals are not in any shape or form for that is a fallacy and this practice should be outlawed.These officials are only in desperation, and that is their only reason. In these professions these people are just touching and not breaking the law. With imaginations come creativity and a chance for someone who can pursue a lifelong dream.

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