Entry for March 11, 2008 “The Very First” Part 1

Long before America was discouvered many centuries ago in 1620 by Christopher Columbus; there is real debate over who in fact it was, the very first people were the native indians. There is to this very day little known about the cultures and their general way of life. One would think that there is much more emphasis on the immigrants who came from other countries and continue to come to seek a better way of life. As that is what is told to them by their ancestors.And yet one has the notion that is in american history books and is in the national media as well as shown in the cinema for ages that the native indians are less than human, are in fact savages, are ignored by the most part by their fellow compatriots. This is a very sad state of affairs. These native indians can’t vote for any county, state, national or federal level or hold office of any kind. Only recently there have been attempts to do that, however little or no attention has come from it. There has been a governor who was just elected in Louisana, yet he is an Indian from the country India. That is for debate too b/c little media attention is shown to him. One thinks that there is a representative from some unknown state that has been elected recently and again there is little attention drawn to him by the media or for that fact in the newspapers. One would have to delved in much research to find some info about this person. Is this so b/c one doesn’t draw attention to themselves, is that the only way to get noticed? Over the years these native indians have intermarried and generations upon generations have evolved and therefore these future generations have been one quarter,one fifth or one third indian and then they would become more accepted by their fellow countrymen. The reason for non- voting is that these native indians hold allegiance to a tribe leader and that is the reason that the US government gives. That is in deed a fallacy and very inane. Does one have to be a portion to become full and therefore be accepted by their own government?

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