Entry for March 12, 2008 “The Very First” Part 2

How is it that there are reservations in which there american indians are forced to live? And be caged up where only their own kind seem to have access to the land. This is definitely propitious and a dastardly action toward these Native Americans. If one would happen to have the opportunity to visit one or more of the reservations scattered in myriad of states; one would be educated as well as very sad and somewhat dismayed in the fact that this is a reality. Yet no attention thusfar has been known that it is grossly unjust of the richest and most powerful nation on earth to treat these Native American in such a heinous way. Is it a wonder that the suicide rate is high, the alcohol rate is also high and the unemployment is the same? For what kind of decent future do these Native Americans have to live a good life? In fact Canada treats their Canadian Indians in a more humane matter than does the US. The US should reflect and take a page out of Canada’s book; to quote a piece. Perhaps there is not enough Native Americans in which to care. The debate is that if there is only one person who is treated in such a matter there should be enough time to give attention to it. And perhaps too, there aren’t enough other American to rally in favor to aid these Native Americans. The Dept of Tourism isn’t rushing to invite others to take part in the numerous activities and pouring funds into these states to aid the Native Americans to upgrade their life and make it a bit better than presently.If anything the US is ignoring or worse the country uses exploitation. Why in the world are these Native American segregated from the rest of the populace and put on these lands in which the US owns? Is that a form of being held against one’s will? Is it a just act b/c the government has a hand in it? Afterall, one may differ with these views, however one must realise that only in the US the citizens have right of espression. So why isn’t that true when it comes to the Native Americans? And what is the function of the Dept of Indian Affairs?

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