Entry for March 15, 2008″Spring Is Coming”

With the snow diminishing as the weather becomes warmer it is a pleasant change. The sidewalks are actually dried for the sun’s rays. Chronologically in a few days the season of spring will come forth and yet there is still snow on the ground. Went shopping yesterday and purchased some picture frames among other items. After purchasing and transporting them, I proceeded to put them on the wall while arranging them with the others. One hopes now that one or more of them doesn’t tumble to the floor. This has occurred one or more times in the past to one’s discontent. Last Tuesday went to Borders to see what was new and ended up purchasing the book Atonement by Ian McEwan. Am in the midst of reading it now and find it intriguing and however to the topic being fiction interesting in the same vain. While at Borders noticed a poster of the performers who were in the movie Once and The Swell Season. They are coming to the Overture Centre on June 16th. Tickets had gone on sale on March the first. I phoned the Centre on State St, as to the particularity and was told that the tickets were all $35 and that were sold in an hour in a half on the same day. One just has to dwell on the positive while being disappointed at the same time. The Swell Season is coming out next month on dvd so that is my window of opportunity. Went to the dentist and made two upcoming appts. One prefers the season of spring for the many birthdays.

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