Entry for March 16, 2008 ” Finally”

As one makes goals in one’s life it is often good to try one’s utmost to follow through with those espections. For myself I have achieved one of them. In this accomplishment it definitely wasn’t luck. B/c luck is a residue of design. This took sheer determination and persistence. And one might add that it wasn’t a miracle; in which some refer to when seeking something that is difficult of attain. I was finally able to contact my niece, Christal. Now I am waiting for her to respond to a couple of emails in which I’ve sent recently. Speaking of contacting people, sometimes handwritten letters posted to them is the only way of communication. As some of my friends don’t have computers or email addresses. This is beyond comprehension is this modern tech. age, yet that is the way it is. So I handwrote a somewhat lengthy letter to my friend, Shon Hayes who has a post office box address in Clarkston Ga. Right after I arrived here is Wi. after getting organised, I wrote to her. Hadn’t heard from her though the good thing is that the letter that I posted wasn’t return to me. So again going on that premise I rewrote her recently. Another friend, Patti McDonald who is in the same boat, yet I had recently heard from her at Christmas I took the window of opportunity and wrote her another handwritten lengthy letter. One really doesn’t mind in the least, when it comes to having friends. For it is most vital to one’s self worth. It is moreso to one’s character to have lifelong friends.

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