Entry for March 19, 2008″ Creativity” Part 1

Creativity comes in many forms. It is done in the natural talents of drawing or sketching, painting on oil or base canvas, writing books, plays; for the media such as Broadway, the cinema or the tele documentary. All of these are painstaking yet very worthwhile in their conclusion. And the art of conversation could be as well added to the list. This may well be achieved by the mere choice of words in one’s audible tone, their accent and their mannerisms as well as the visible espressions on one’s face. Yesterday in the midst of celebrating my friend’s birthday; it actually felt like my own. In the fact that while we visited downtown restaurant, I ordered a bac and coke{diet}. It was the first time and I actually liked it a lot and will now add it to my list of alcohol beverages in the future when the mood strikes me. We then took a drive out in the country. I for one perfer the city to the country; meanwhile the beauty was breathtaking, with many hills, curving roads, deep crevasses and ravines, with a few houses dotted here and there. Then to my utter amasement, to the wonderment I saw 3 deer prancing along the land without a care in the world. What a glorious sight. I myself have been waiting to see a deer for a very long time. And for one’s patience one is rewarded to view 3 of them. Nature too is the ultimate in creativity. We also viewed the road on the right side as it was in different variation of rocks. Then we went to The Great Dane, which comes to mind the creativity of cooking, preparing, arranging on one’s plate for them to savor and have a memorable esperience.

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