Entry for March 20, 2008″ Creativity” Part 2

With the depth of sadness come legends of comedy. These comedic satires are genuine for the meriad of stories are told firsthand. These legends are just a few they are instructors to the beginner. These beginners of comedy are apt to study and learn their trade by watching films of these legends. One is Charlie Chaplin who is best known in the silent films. Speak of creativity there is great deal of difficulty in one’s way of espression without being at all verbal. It is an authentic way of animation. Another legend who comes to mind and along the same line is Marcel Marceau. His creativity in the art of mime is simply brillant. There was very little known of his personal life; and yet his charactures are spell-binding. He was noted as a character actor, as he was more known in Europe, he does have schools scattered in USA, maybe at the least 3 or more. Another legend is Jackie Gleason. In his various routines he portrayed the Poor Soul, Mr Dunahny, as well as several more. The art structure which was designed in the Honeymooners was in reality the apt Gleason had as a boy in Brooklyn. The sitcom the Kind of Queens is somewhat on the same tract as far as the actors lines are as to the Honeymooners. Gleason who was created, produced, directed and starred in the movie Gigot; wrote the music to it.In the world of comedy as one views it now there is absolutely not a realm of comparison.

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