Entry for March 22, 2008 “Staying Connected”

Staying connected with humanity becomes a lifeblood of one’s life. In order to attain this one must have security in one’s own life, to be content to reach out to others. It is an asset to have. Since coming to Wisconsin, one has been in contact with family members moreso than at any other time in one’s life. It is a content feeling, as one strives and others respond. Got an email from myspace.com with a link saying that my niece, who lives in Orlando has a message for me. And of course it was Liz as I had emailed her previously. I am overjoyed to have heard from her. With yet another winter/spring storm that fell the other day with at least 5 to 8 inches of snow; one has taken a few minutes to shovel and at the same time enjoy the warm sunshine, with the temps in the 20’s and 30’s. As I am composing this, another niece Heather is celebrating her birthday with a visit/vacation to see my sister Anne. I have been spending time reading the same book and enjoying it. It is ironic that Ash Wednesday the start of Lent; church services were cancelled b/c of a massive storm and Good Friday the end of Lent there was the same occurrence. Is that an omen? Fortunately, now on Holy Saturday the snow is melting fast. And will bring forth from this day forward little or no snow. Afterall tomorrow is Easter Sunday; a time for happiness for all. This is a noted fact, my 100th entry and counting.

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