Entry for March 26, 2008″ Another Sunny Day”

While the sun is shining and it is relatively mild today, tomorrow will be different weatherwise. There is yet another winter storm scheduled with 4 to 8 inches of snow and no doubt a combination of rain turning to ice. It is nearing April and afterall it is spring. Want to shed my long sleeved winter tops and my winter coat. Enough already. There are the remmants of snow still lingering on the ground yet the sidewalks and driveways are cleared. One thinks of taking frequent walks and enjoying the outdoors in the place of shoveling snow yet again. One is fatigued of the process. Now as the months progress this could happen less often. One is not complaining just stating a fact. The reality is that snow will occur well into May. All one has solace that this occurrence will be less often, and take comfort that it isn’t year long. This wouldn’t be a topic of conversation, if being such an unusual winter having 100 inches plus and now counting yet again. A lifelong resident is nearly at their wit’s end and when chatting with them, the general attitude is that their complaint is ongoing. To one who has been here for nearly 2 years it is somewhat redundant to say the least. One also has in mind traveling and taking a breather from daily activities and spending some fun time as well as quality time with family and friends. It is good to relax then go back to the mundane. Who in the would can achieve these diversions or yet plan for them knowing full well that there will be harsh weather on the way? Should one plan these inbetween only when it is condusive? Tell me that one isn’t vexing. For the weather shouldn’t be an issue. However it can be a deterent. It is good to work hard and play hard.

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