Entry for March 27, 2008 “Necessity”

One scripted yesterday the topic of more snow, and now it will be nonesistant, only an inch or less. This is very fortunate. Now grey skies appear at the moment. One is nearly finished with the book, Atonement. It is very well written and naturally keeps one’s interest. The day before yesterday, had a dental appt. which was a necessity. In the prelim the dentist instructed what actually was going to occur, the espenditure, as well as the longevity. Originally it was going to entail 2 visits and surprisingly it was accomplished in only 1 visit, which took nearly an hour in a half. One really didn’t care; one only wanted to proceedure to be done and to be successful in the process. It was most uncomfortable from beginning to the end; this was taken in the fact that the dentist is professional, caring, gentle and all of the above in doing an escellent job. So there was not much room for chatting as the dentist had to be in full control and his diligence would have suddenly diminished. Then all of a sudden a tooth appeared in my throat and with one’s very quick reaction, one says ‘ here it is’ and the dentist and assistant was relieved as one would think as they are both coming out of a panic mode. The noise of the instrument being used was very noticable and even with the dentist speaking, it didn’t aid me. So along with his speaking, as one is in humming in their mind the music from the movie ‘ Once’ and also ‘ The Swell Season’ and so one could endure it. One is content not to look forward to a second visit, only in four months for a routine. However one is content to have continued good health as of this result.

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