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Entry for April 26, 2008″Bits And Pieces”

April 26, 2008

Bits and pieces or fragments of activities such as taking long walks in 70 degree weather last week, listening to one’s music collection and at the same time re-evaluating it, starting a rock garden; which is fun and a first for me, and yesterday listening to weather advisories as the tornado alerts and listening to thunderstorms the night before, and of course carrying on my daily routine kept one from blogging in a frequent matter. Then the evermore question of if and who will one attend the wedding of my niece in Orlando still lurks at me. Her sister Christal still has a sinus infection and has been heavily medicated; so having sent her emails already and waiting for a response, that is still status quo with that. Presently the weather is sunny though cold; 20 degrees colder than previously. It is a pleasant change in my way of thinking. It is nearly the end of April and May is just around the corner. Intending to go the ‘Borders’ on Tuesday the 29th to pick up a book “News is a Verb” by Pete Hamill and also purchase a dvd ‘The Swell Season’. Even though I don’t work perse outside the home; one is never idle. Always finding interesting, informative, new and fun things to keep one occupied intellectually, physically and otherwise active. As far as emotionally still and in my case forever seeking someone to share one’s interests. One knows there is always someone for everyone. Trying hard not to dwell on the subject, for one must be particular in the choice of a special someone and not just anyone to have someone. That chosen shouldn’t be a descent yet must be an ascent and compliment one’s own, and in turn, one becomes better with that person. Onward and upward.

Entry for April 18, 2008″The Privilege To Protest”

April 18, 2008

The right or privilege to protest is unique in only some countries worldwide. One should keep in mind that in doing that act of protesting is only for the betterment of the ones involved. There are countries that if one says or does anything against their government that one may be found within the walls of a prison. There is a well known song by” Toad the Wet Sprocket” on Pale called “Chile” and in the song it refers to religion and politics. The song encompasses; and it is hard to tell the right from the wrong, when the right is protecting the wrong. In some countries in S.A. one must be in full compliance with the rest of the populace for the gendre is untrustworthy of others, especially Americans. It is a sad reality for it is in one’s own hemispere. Those countries in question take the American dollar for tourism, yet makes the newcomer feel unwelcome. There are some other countries in the Caribbean that are the same. This isn’t just the obvious countries people automatically think as being unfriendly to Americans. One thinks of protesting in the same category as when events occurred in the decades just before the 21st century. One may fail to realise that in order to form a protest of any sort. There have to be protest organisors and these people are train to get together a certain portion who are actually yea or nea pertaining to the upcoming event itself. These “organisers” have nothing to do with the protest itself; their only job is to grab enough people to make an impression on the media. This people are called ‘outside organisers’ So it is good to know that if demonstators want to make a change in something by protesting for/against it; the change is and won’t be forthcoming for a reason. So if wants to go in that direction; one should go within their community and assist the ones who need it.

Entry for April 15, 2008″The Art of Confidentiality”

April 15, 2008

Confidentiality and loyality is conducive and has correlation as well. It is a requirement in the choice of acquaintances and friends. This is acquiesce. In the everyday conversations with others, one is apt to repeat things rather it being inconsequential or not. In actuality it goes against the grain. In doing so, one has the tendency to take the words in originality and put them out of position or in someway, shape or form embellish them. This act may emotionally hurt another in the result. And furthermore break down the trust one has for another. And yet it may too, enlighten that very person in teaching them a lesson. Not to confide in certain people. This can be a most harsh lesson, however memorable. As the songwriter Ani DiFranco has a line in one of her songs; “watch the eyes” It is fair knowledge that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And when one is in conversation with another; it is commonly known to look at another directly toward the face, if the person eyes are darting then there is a strong indication that something is amist. If that person only tells another what they want to hear; if that person only tells half truths, while leaving out the main theme. These are red flags not to confide in them as they will not have any sort of loyality either. A good point to keep in mind is that the longer one knows another is then confidentiality comes into play. However this is erroneous in some cases. In having this trait one will have harmony in their relationships. Also this is obtained in having quiet unity within the very soul of another.

Entry for April 14, 2008″The Realm Of Loyality”

April 14, 2008

Loyality is taken in many forms as to who is speaking of this unique entity. And for that matter one may reveal as to which form is present at the time. As to country it is most likely used when communicated by the populace. It is used in reference to something in usual circumstances, and one would think rightfully so. One may now put loyality into a different vane and make the emphasis on who in lieu of questioning what. In some cases persons have loyality for things and yet have none for persons. And yet sometimes there is both. Loyality is a rare qualification in individuals. It is defined as keeping the thoughts of other individuals to one’s self and not repeating things that one has told. Not speaking in a derogatory matter. This is done out of one’s earshot. This can be counterproductive in those cases where gossip, rumors, half truths, downright lies are percipitated by those who want to do harm on others as to ruining others reputation. There are only a handful of persons who have loyality to another. Most of the time the populace doesn’t have any idea, or for that matter doesn’t care about it, and worse yet doesn’t want to find out about it. It is indeed a quality that only few possess. In obtaining friends one looks for that especially in lifelong friends. Unfortunally society doesn’ t view the same thoughts. This quality is revered and it is certainly admired by this blogger. It is an inner strength that one has as their own individual character.

Entry for April 11, 2008″ More Rain”

April 11, 2008

Last night while attempting to go off in slumberland, hearing the raindrops on the window; it is stated by most that more rain has a calming effect that one is more likely to driff off into sleep. That statement may be for most however the mind is in complete control and therefore alerts the body as to the sleep patterns. For as much rain that is now at hand, one ponders of the moisture within the ground or earth surface. Knowing there are seven layers of surface or more underneath the ground itself; one will ask the question. Then where does the water go? Does it then evaporate? The ground is saturated with moisture with the rain now. The abundant of snow and ice earlier, then the wind must play a part in this theory. The elements of nature is a phenominal entity. Would it be an adventure to put on protective suits,masks and googles to actually find the whereabouts of this water? And if so, how much? Afterall there are people who participate in xstreme sports for the mere thrill of it. I, for one will not do it. For I don’t even like caves or for that matter anything underground. I say let someone else have the pleasure. Along the same line of thought. It is fine to go to the aquarium and view from the outside and obtain as much knowledge as needed. One will certainly acquiesce to that. Like to observe snorkling, again from afar. Take swimming for instance, that is wonderful and merely stress-free especially in a heated pool. Swimming, walking is the best workout one can get. It can be done on year round if one is up to that.

Entry for April 10, 2008 “Raining”

April 10, 2008

Again it is raining, although the slogan says brings flowers the following month. Is that an omen or a fallacy? History indeed repeats itself as for the fact that one started blogging in August when it was the same. Does it affect one’s moods? It definitely has no bearing on it. Surely prefer a rain to be warmer and more spring like than what is now occuring at this moment which is cold. One is thankful for the heat in this house. And as one speaks there it is. Especially warmth is essential on these particular days. After looking on the various news sites as well as others in a personal nature; one spent most of the time emailing. It is nice to have certain people in one’s life in which to chat. Just got finish emailing my cousin Mike of a detail message. I for one certainly need people to chat with and it would be fabulous to find someone special that would be good to my wants and needs. It would be good to find that person. Lord knows I’ve tried and will keeping trying. For one on these types of days it is good to cluddle and keep each other warm and to have someone to listen as well as to chat. I myself are most particular. Just don’t want anyone. One wants that person to compliment one’s self, as to being an asset and not a detriment. Knowing that no one is perfect as I am not in many ways either. Why is the world did I get on this innermost secretive way. I can only say that it comes naturally today. Perhaps the gloominess of the day has a correlation to one’s feelings.

Entry for April 08, 2008″Listening”

April 8, 2008

Listening is a very powerful tool in obtaining knowledge. It is used while conversing with others. As well as meeting someone for the very first time. This perception is used to actually know a person without even verbalisation. One may use it repeatedly. It could be a daily practice is one’s life; only if one chooses. It may also be useful in the course of a conversation. One often wonders if the gendre actually practices this technique generally. It could well be used to one’s advantage. Or it may often be used as a hindrance in the fact of deception; thinking of something completely different than the supposed topic at hand; in the attempt of obtaining something that they want. So as one knows this maybe used in one or more ways. Could this tool be self taught: or is it there from day one? Is it just generational? One finds it both in younger, elder, and the gendre in the middle. One can’t specify a certain generation over another. It is on a individual basis. Some unfortunately come from cradle to grave without this concept. The fallacy that children should be seen and not heard. One fails to realise that children are in large way are in fact teaching their parents as well. Although the first teachers are their parents. As the second day in a row of cloudy and now rainy as well as it being chilly; one is keeping focus as well as keeping one’s spirits up as well. This is a perfect day to script, as one recalls in August 2007, I started this and now will continue blogging. There is a song by ‘Queenryche’ Is Anybody Listening”, and another called “Silent Lucidity” One mentions this only because it is appropo to this topic.

Entry for April 06, 2008 “Spring”

April 6, 2008

Spring at last. The mild weather contests to that very statement. With just a smidgen of ice scattered about on the ground; one thinks of getting out and enjoying the pleasantry of the earth itself. Walking a slight way to the bay, while viewing the meriad of birds flying from the tree tops, while several ducks swim in the bay in an esact row. Let us not forget the gentle air feeling one’s face as they meander.What a picture. At this time of year there are birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of school graduations, weddings, and travel plans, picnics in the park on the wkends. While taking a short walk yesterday one views more people on the street; walking as well, jogging, rollerblading, families with strollers, and students with rollerskates. And as the warm weather approaches there will be a touch of romance in the air. Lovebirds holding hands, embrassing as they are shopping in the malls. Human nature changes at this time of year. One notices the gendre is more friendlier and moreso jovial. Got an email from Liz this morning saying that my brother and well as my 2 sisters will be at the wedding. So before the end of the day I will ask them about that very topic. My sister Vivian invited me to come for a visit to Indpls. for the birthday which is May 15th. One is thinking of that as well. So just maybe things will correlate and in the process it will ease my mind. Then my wonderful talented son Andre, wants to come to Madison for a visit. That will be overwhelming to even imagine. It will be good to see him, for it’s been since 2004 almost 4 years. So in anticipation of his arrival, one’s concentration will be on only that and everything else will fall by the wayside. Look at me. It isn’t even a reality as yet and the mere thought of it gives me a surprise.

Entry for April 05, 2008″A Conglomeration of Thoughts”

April 5, 2008

As finally spring blossoms into a beautiful day with an abundance of warmth and sunshine; one is reflecting on a conglomeration of thoughts. Taking short walks the day before yesterday, it is nice to enjoy exercise in place of shoveling snow. Yesterday, while checking emails and different sites, came across an email from Liz responding one I had sent her. Inviting me to her wedding 29 June, surprisingly on a Sunday. I answered by giving a tenative yes; knowing that I would like to attend, thinking as well of the espence, the accomodations once there, and not knowing anyone besides Christal and Liz. One has to think of the outset, not only for the now. So I thought of asking Christal if I could go with her as she lives in the neighbouring state of Michigan. I email this to her and waiting to hear back from her. Then email Liz also. Then I looked on the yahoo personals site for info., and found that I had many messages from Mike from Sun Prairie and asking why I hadn’t answered him. As I couldn’t for the fact that the website doesn’t give out certain info for obvious reasons. One then had to find another way in which to contact him. I wouldn’t have been that concerned only that when one is trying to contact another without result one knows from that very esperience. So found the needed info and then found a card suitable for sending and posted it 2 days ago. Thinking for every action there is a reaction. Ce sera sera. Whatever happens who knows. The mystery of it all. Went to Borders last Tuesday and purchased the book ‘Rescue Me’, the second season of NYPD Blue on dvd, and the movie Atonement. These things have been keeping me occupied.