Entry for April 05, 2008″A Conglomeration of Thoughts”

As finally spring blossoms into a beautiful day with an abundance of warmth and sunshine; one is reflecting on a conglomeration of thoughts. Taking short walks the day before yesterday, it is nice to enjoy exercise in place of shoveling snow. Yesterday, while checking emails and different sites, came across an email from Liz responding one I had sent her. Inviting me to her wedding 29 June, surprisingly on a Sunday. I answered by giving a tenative yes; knowing that I would like to attend, thinking as well of the espence, the accomodations once there, and not knowing anyone besides Christal and Liz. One has to think of the outset, not only for the now. So I thought of asking Christal if I could go with her as she lives in the neighbouring state of Michigan. I email this to her and waiting to hear back from her. Then email Liz also. Then I looked on the yahoo personals site for info., and found that I had many messages from Mike from Sun Prairie and asking why I hadn’t answered him. As I couldn’t for the fact that the website doesn’t give out certain info for obvious reasons. One then had to find another way in which to contact him. I wouldn’t have been that concerned only that when one is trying to contact another without result one knows from that very esperience. So found the needed info and then found a card suitable for sending and posted it 2 days ago. Thinking for every action there is a reaction. Ce sera sera. Whatever happens who knows. The mystery of it all. Went to Borders last Tuesday and purchased the book ‘Rescue Me’, the second season of NYPD Blue on dvd, and the movie Atonement. These things have been keeping me occupied.

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