Entry for April 06, 2008 “Spring”

Spring at last. The mild weather contests to that very statement. With just a smidgen of ice scattered about on the ground; one thinks of getting out and enjoying the pleasantry of the earth itself. Walking a slight way to the bay, while viewing the meriad of birds flying from the tree tops, while several ducks swim in the bay in an esact row. Let us not forget the gentle air feeling one’s face as they meander.What a picture. At this time of year there are birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations of school graduations, weddings, and travel plans, picnics in the park on the wkends. While taking a short walk yesterday one views more people on the street; walking as well, jogging, rollerblading, families with strollers, and students with rollerskates. And as the warm weather approaches there will be a touch of romance in the air. Lovebirds holding hands, embrassing as they are shopping in the malls. Human nature changes at this time of year. One notices the gendre is more friendlier and moreso jovial. Got an email from Liz this morning saying that my brother and well as my 2 sisters will be at the wedding. So before the end of the day I will ask them about that very topic. My sister Vivian invited me to come for a visit to Indpls. for the birthday which is May 15th. One is thinking of that as well. So just maybe things will correlate and in the process it will ease my mind. Then my wonderful talented son Andre, wants to come to Madison for a visit. That will be overwhelming to even imagine. It will be good to see him, for it’s been since 2004 almost 4 years. So in anticipation of his arrival, one’s concentration will be on only that and everything else will fall by the wayside. Look at me. It isn’t even a reality as yet and the mere thought of it gives me a surprise.

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