Entry for April 08, 2008″Listening”

Listening is a very powerful tool in obtaining knowledge. It is used while conversing with others. As well as meeting someone for the very first time. This perception is used to actually know a person without even verbalisation. One may use it repeatedly. It could be a daily practice is one’s life; only if one chooses. It may also be useful in the course of a conversation. One often wonders if the gendre actually practices this technique generally. It could well be used to one’s advantage. Or it may often be used as a hindrance in the fact of deception; thinking of something completely different than the supposed topic at hand; in the attempt of obtaining something that they want. So as one knows this maybe used in one or more ways. Could this tool be self taught: or is it there from day one? Is it just generational? One finds it both in younger, elder, and the gendre in the middle. One can’t specify a certain generation over another. It is on a individual basis. Some unfortunately come from cradle to grave without this concept. The fallacy that children should be seen and not heard. One fails to realise that children are in large way are in fact teaching their parents as well. Although the first teachers are their parents. As the second day in a row of cloudy and now rainy as well as it being chilly; one is keeping focus as well as keeping one’s spirits up as well. This is a perfect day to script, as one recalls in August 2007, I started this and now will continue blogging. There is a song by ‘Queenryche’ Is Anybody Listening”, and another called “Silent Lucidity” One mentions this only because it is appropo to this topic.

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