Entry for April 10, 2008 “Raining”

Again it is raining, although the slogan says brings flowers the following month. Is that an omen or a fallacy? History indeed repeats itself as for the fact that one started blogging in August when it was the same. Does it affect one’s moods? It definitely has no bearing on it. Surely prefer a rain to be warmer and more spring like than what is now occuring at this moment which is cold. One is thankful for the heat in this house. And as one speaks there it is. Especially warmth is essential on these particular days. After looking on the various news sites as well as others in a personal nature; one spent most of the time emailing. It is nice to have certain people in one’s life in which to chat. Just got finish emailing my cousin Mike of a detail message. I for one certainly need people to chat with and it would be fabulous to find someone special that would be good to my wants and needs. It would be good to find that person. Lord knows I’ve tried and will keeping trying. For one on these types of days it is good to cluddle and keep each other warm and to have someone to listen as well as to chat. I myself are most particular. Just don’t want anyone. One wants that person to compliment one’s self, as to being an asset and not a detriment. Knowing that no one is perfect as I am not in many ways either. Why is the world did I get on this innermost secretive way. I can only say that it comes naturally today. Perhaps the gloominess of the day has a correlation to one’s feelings.

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