Entry for April 11, 2008″ More Rain”

Last night while attempting to go off in slumberland, hearing the raindrops on the window; it is stated by most that more rain has a calming effect that one is more likely to driff off into sleep. That statement may be for most however the mind is in complete control and therefore alerts the body as to the sleep patterns. For as much rain that is now at hand, one ponders of the moisture within the ground or earth surface. Knowing there are seven layers of surface or more underneath the ground itself; one will ask the question. Then where does the water go? Does it then evaporate? The ground is saturated with moisture with the rain now. The abundant of snow and ice earlier, then the wind must play a part in this theory. The elements of nature is a phenominal entity. Would it be an adventure to put on protective suits,masks and googles to actually find the whereabouts of this water? And if so, how much? Afterall there are people who participate in xstreme sports for the mere thrill of it. I, for one will not do it. For I don’t even like caves or for that matter anything underground. I say let someone else have the pleasure. Along the same line of thought. It is fine to go to the aquarium and view from the outside and obtain as much knowledge as needed. One will certainly acquiesce to that. Like to observe snorkling, again from afar. Take swimming for instance, that is wonderful and merely stress-free especially in a heated pool. Swimming, walking is the best workout one can get. It can be done on year round if one is up to that.

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