Entry for April 14, 2008″The Realm Of Loyality”

Loyality is taken in many forms as to who is speaking of this unique entity. And for that matter one may reveal as to which form is present at the time. As to country it is most likely used when communicated by the populace. It is used in reference to something in usual circumstances, and one would think rightfully so. One may now put loyality into a different vane and make the emphasis on who in lieu of questioning what. In some cases persons have loyality for things and yet have none for persons. And yet sometimes there is both. Loyality is a rare qualification in individuals. It is defined as keeping the thoughts of other individuals to one’s self and not repeating things that one has told. Not speaking in a derogatory matter. This is done out of one’s earshot. This can be counterproductive in those cases where gossip, rumors, half truths, downright lies are percipitated by those who want to do harm on others as to ruining others reputation. There are only a handful of persons who have loyality to another. Most of the time the populace doesn’t have any idea, or for that matter doesn’t care about it, and worse yet doesn’t want to find out about it. It is indeed a quality that only few possess. In obtaining friends one looks for that especially in lifelong friends. Unfortunally society doesn’ t view the same thoughts. This quality is revered and it is certainly admired by this blogger. It is an inner strength that one has as their own individual character.

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