Entry for April 15, 2008″The Art of Confidentiality”

Confidentiality and loyality is conducive and has correlation as well. It is a requirement in the choice of acquaintances and friends. This is acquiesce. In the everyday conversations with others, one is apt to repeat things rather it being inconsequential or not. In actuality it goes against the grain. In doing so, one has the tendency to take the words in originality and put them out of position or in someway, shape or form embellish them. This act may emotionally hurt another in the result. And furthermore break down the trust one has for another. And yet it may too, enlighten that very person in teaching them a lesson. Not to confide in certain people. This can be a most harsh lesson, however memorable. As the songwriter Ani DiFranco has a line in one of her songs; “watch the eyes” It is fair knowledge that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And when one is in conversation with another; it is commonly known to look at another directly toward the face, if the person eyes are darting then there is a strong indication that something is amist. If that person only tells another what they want to hear; if that person only tells half truths, while leaving out the main theme. These are red flags not to confide in them as they will not have any sort of loyality either. A good point to keep in mind is that the longer one knows another is then confidentiality comes into play. However this is erroneous in some cases. In having this trait one will have harmony in their relationships. Also this is obtained in having quiet unity within the very soul of another.

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