Entry for April 18, 2008″The Privilege To Protest”

The right or privilege to protest is unique in only some countries worldwide. One should keep in mind that in doing that act of protesting is only for the betterment of the ones involved. There are countries that if one says or does anything against their government that one may be found within the walls of a prison. There is a well known song by” Toad the Wet Sprocket” on Pale called “Chile” and in the song it refers to religion and politics. The song encompasses; and it is hard to tell the right from the wrong, when the right is protecting the wrong. In some countries in S.A. one must be in full compliance with the rest of the populace for the gendre is untrustworthy of others, especially Americans. It is a sad reality for it is in one’s own hemispere. Those countries in question take the American dollar for tourism, yet makes the newcomer feel unwelcome. There are some other countries in the Caribbean that are the same. This isn’t just the obvious countries people automatically think as being unfriendly to Americans. One thinks of protesting in the same category as when events occurred in the decades just before the 21st century. One may fail to realise that in order to form a protest of any sort. There have to be protest organisors and these people are train to get together a certain portion who are actually yea or nea pertaining to the upcoming event itself. These “organisers” have nothing to do with the protest itself; their only job is to grab enough people to make an impression on the media. This people are called ‘outside organisers’ So it is good to know that if demonstators want to make a change in something by protesting for/against it; the change is and won’t be forthcoming for a reason. So if wants to go in that direction; one should go within their community and assist the ones who need it.

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