Entry for April 26, 2008″Bits And Pieces”

Bits and pieces or fragments of activities such as taking long walks in 70 degree weather last week, listening to one’s music collection and at the same time re-evaluating it, starting a rock garden; which is fun and a first for me, and yesterday listening to weather advisories as the tornado alerts and listening to thunderstorms the night before, and of course carrying on my daily routine kept one from blogging in a frequent matter. Then the evermore question of if and who will one attend the wedding of my niece in Orlando still lurks at me. Her sister Christal still has a sinus infection and has been heavily medicated; so having sent her emails already and waiting for a response, that is still status quo with that. Presently the weather is sunny though cold; 20 degrees colder than previously. It is a pleasant change in my way of thinking. It is nearly the end of April and May is just around the corner. Intending to go the ‘Borders’ on Tuesday the 29th to pick up a book “News is a Verb” by Pete Hamill and also purchase a dvd ‘The Swell Season’. Even though I don’t work perse outside the home; one is never idle. Always finding interesting, informative, new and fun things to keep one occupied intellectually, physically and otherwise active. As far as emotionally still and in my case forever seeking someone to share one’s interests. One knows there is always someone for everyone. Trying hard not to dwell on the subject, for one must be particular in the choice of a special someone and not just anyone to have someone. That chosen shouldn’t be a descent yet must be an ascent and compliment one’s own, and in turn, one becomes better with that person. Onward and upward.

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