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Entry for May 30, 2008″Confidence and Sports”

May 30, 2008

In order to build confidence at a very young age; parents must react in a positive not negative manner by instilling an espression on being favourable to the supposed action at hand, with a smile for instance. Whereby a child may foresee facial espressions first of all. Words aren’t needed. All children perhaps the younger ones are better attuned to this reaction for the most part, as for new-borns and babies who are under one year of age. The learning process should never be forced. An idea would be better off if encouraged by the person who is teaching. For instance, riding a bike; first a tricycle, then a two wheeler; in most cases a child will forget the tricycle b/c it would never be introduced in the first place.This all is up to the teacher whomever it is.Take swimming is a prime esample. If the teacher shows fear for the water the child is apt to pick up on this, although not always. A child should feel free to learn as much as possible and go at his/her own pace. In some ways it is good to have competition from a sibling or a friend, but never from a parent if that person is the teacher. In taking lessons from instructors who know the best way of approaching the lessons in biking, swimming, learning to play a musical instrument or any preference the child may have as to their own desires. These instructors are the best to prevent any injuries in the learning process. This confidence can therefore be related into relationships as well. Read the book ” The Gift” by Pete Hamill. It is well written and most touching, also read “Guns of Heaven” this too is compelling.Been watching the NBA with the Celtics and the Pistons. Want the Pistons to get the grand prize. Been also watching the Stanley Cup Finals with the Penquins and the Wings. Want the Red Wings to again get the Cup. Been enjoying the outdoors and mowing the grass and a little yard work for esercise. Sports is a model for agility.

Entry for May 19, 2008″ Songwriters, Lyricists And Librettists”

May 19, 2008

In ones particular and individual taste on this topic it isn’t ordinary. Although when it comes to certain aspects of aversion one is apt to share their zeal. In the commonplace of listening to the media one finds the so-called classics, the big band era, the known country classics, as well as the meriad of songs and singers.These stem from sole popularity by the public. Unique songwriters have the knack to write a poem to music. A few lyricists have the adeptness to script words from life esperiences and from their heart. There are a handful of librettists. These individuals pride themselves on authenticity and sheer genius. And rightfully so. Andrew L. Webber is a fine esample of a libretto that was “Jesus Christ Superstar” Webber complied words, music to an opera. To accomplish this feat doesn’t come overnight. He has done other phenominal work in this field also. My favourites are Anthony Kiedis of the RHCP. He has the marvelous ingenuity. Another favourity is Clarence Greenwood better known as Citizen Cope. If one would only listen to the depth of the words being conveyed then ones knowledge would increase as an outcome. His music is mindboggling and becomes energetic. Another that is favoured is Tom Yorke of Radiohead. He is the ultimate best. Another one that is favoured is Robert Smith of the Cure. He is multi skilled. Another is Lee Loughlane of the musical ensemble ‘Chicago’ He does a rendition called ‘Little One’ and it is done symphonically and one would think that it is done as an opera when listening critically to it. He could be put in the same category as a librettist if one chooses to do so. However one may choose not as well. Glen Hansard of the Frames is another favourite. He is adept unparalleled. These aren’t commercialized and don’t need endorsements of any kind and for that matter they don’t want any, for they and they alone can stand on their own.

Entry for May 15, 2008″ L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 6

May 15, 2008

One was going to forgo this script for tomorrow or another day however being that one so enjoys blogging, one thought why not stay on this same course of espression. When officials are in charge of constructing a building, commercial or residential use; there are codes, permits and zones before a contractor can proceed. The needed material such as certain building tools are essential in the finality of the structure itself. This goes hand in hand with the cost of the initial project. There are many times that these contractors will scrimp on money in order to save money that they do have. This does result in catastrophic consequences in property and more important in lives. It occurs more frequently than not in skyscrappers, highrises, brownstones, apts buildings, condos, housetrailers, and on the other spectum slums in the projects. These atrocities are done by landlords and slum landlords regardless of the locality. In some cases the resident manager is in cahoots with the actual person who is commiting this action. In many cases there are several persons who have knowledge and is in collusion. A book by Jimmy Breslin ” The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez directs attention to this endless issue with clarity, often in connection to minorities than not. In this case a hard working, dedicated to his family is working with estreme care for a menial wage not even enough to put food in his mouth; he goes for days without a morsel in the hopes to send enough money to his family south of the border. At the very end he is found in a cement grinder by his comrades. He worked very long hours seven days a week. This couragous individual was intending to take the day off after working fourteen days in a row to get some much needed rest instead decided to work for a fellow workmate and for that moment he was and always thinking of another and it cost him his demise. Another afterthought are the thousand of immigrants that work in the fields of the north and south in this country and pick and gather vegetables for the American tables. Now one would ask, would any American do that kind of labor day in and day out? The answer is a resounding in the negative.

Entry for May 14, 2008″L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 5

May 14, 2008

The horrific possibility of one’s family member that comes up missing is prosaic. Yet at this very moment someone, perhaps a child of one’s family is in that predicament. Yet the assistance of law enforcement isn’t attainable at that particular point. One must wait at least twenty-four hours then the incident can be available for services. That is an agonizing time for ones involved. The waiting and the not knowing is more escruciating. At this time moreso than ever one must have the courage to hope. The amber alert is helpful in one aspect or another. It provides useful info to the gendre. Another is the NMAEC. It is a sorry state of affairs yet a reality for every person who is broadcasted missing, there are many more that are not. One very well known place that provides needed shelter is Covenant House. There is a one eight hundred number that one may call if they are in that situation and it can be without provocation. One has heard of ‘Children of the Night’. These children are all under eighteen and their prime concern in life to do everything and anything to survive on the streets; if being a major or minor city, anywhere they are it doesn’t matter. What matters is the survival at any cost. A very well known, well written, well cast is a tv drama series called ‘Without A Trace’ Of course it is dramatized to some point. Yet it is beneficial in the fact that at the end of the program it idenifies actual persons who are missing and given needed and vital info on them in the hope that the public can recognize them and their whereabouts. This program is a necessary tool and it has been on the air for more that ten years. And if some reason it goes into syndication it will be valuable in cold cases as well. An afterthought is that some people disappear of their own volition. Why is money involved when it comes to finding a human life?

Entry for May 13, 2008 “L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 4

May 13, 2008

Take a second and imagine the espertise of carefully and precisely building tunnels. It is phenomenal feat in itself. In order to achieve this years ago in actuality, it was painstaking. In the process and near the completion many injurious lives were taken. If a steel beam was not mounted or concrete slabs were not adjusted in a correct way then death would be calling to the ones involved. One does recall the ultimate thrill of entering the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels and thinking how massive these are and the depth from floor to ceiling, the endless length they are, the whistling echoing sound one would hear and the finality as one exits. It was and is the thrill of a lifetime. Maybe not to all, but to this blogger it is an opportunity that one remembers with fondness. Have gone through others and there is no comparison. One is not saying that another will match the ones from one’s childhood. The enormous amount of energy and money that it took is mindboggling. Those individuals who took part in the structuring are heroes. The time away from their families and friends is uniquely reverent. This vocation is not a hobby. One must be dedicated to estremely long hours without sleep and days will go into the night in this process. One can’t determine the length of time it takes. An educated guess would be little over two decades. The chunnel that is in the English channel that connects England and France took nearly five decades for fruition b/c it was haulted a while for political reasons. There were and are countless people who take advantage on a daily compute and the tourists and persons on holiday as well. As the song starts” New York New York the wonderous town the Bronx is up and the Battery is down.

Entry for May 12, 2008″L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 3

May 12, 2008

The apothecary is partly responsible for the prescriptions costing more money than some people have; these persons must make rough choices. It is razzamatazz when it comes to the electability of viable candidates for public office in county, state, or national choice. Unfortunately, it boils down to lack of money and that is the main reason why some of the best people aren’t elected to offices that are notably most suited of their endeavors. This leaves the mediocre which the citizenry are left with not a choice at all. When it comes down to anything regarding beneficial needs for individuals; money of the lack of is a major factor. Take advertising and obesity in this country. The advertising concepts are lies and trickery in order to purchase a certain product. For instance, in the ads for food to make it more appealing and inviting to the gendre; the person in charge will use cooking oils and starches in place of as a deception. Some children ads will use money that will be won if only the initial product is purchased. The US government will continue to give the farmers subsidies to grow corn and will not get any subsidy if the farmers grows carrots, string beans, broccoli, or any food that is nutritious for the population. So the farmers grows all the corn and it is overabundant. The corn is stored in silos and wearhouses. The corn is used in everything imaginable. Popcorn, butter, margarine, all soft drinks, all candy, cereals, syrups, frozen foods,breads, cakes, donuts, cookies, potato chips, pies, ice cream and many more. One would think that corn is used in things that are non edible too. Just take a gander at a box that one buys in a store. It is used in one form or another. Another added concern is the tires that are brand new and off the factory shelf and never been used; there underneath past the rim the tire is falling apart. This again is due to falsification of ads and denario.

Entry for May 11, 2008″ L’argent And The Lack Of It Part 2

May 11, 2008

As the slogan goes’ it goes in one hand and out the other’. The more one has doesn’t necessarily mean manageability. It is a knack to be able to balance one’s checking account. Some have it and some don’t. If not it is readily learned by most and not all. Life becomes easier with acquiesce. It bears reminding then as well as now an incident that occurred when my second son Andre were to be baptised at the local church in the locality in which we had resided for a short time; the story goes as follows; after making an appt with the priest in the nearby parish, St Veronica. The priest refused to baptise our son, Andre for a simple and inane reason. That we were not a regular in the sense that we didn’t go to that particular parish each Sunday of for that matter on a regular basis. We had the habit of going to different Catholic churches yet closer and sometimes further away. It was our decision and yet we were not allowed to have our precious second son baptised. So we went downtown to the Cathedral and promptly had the Archbishop do the honors. We at the time were and had animosity toward that individual priest. Needless to say that the feeling was indignant. And rightfully so to have recalled this so many years later. It was not the case with our first son Ian. He was baptised by the same priest who married us at St Thomas Acquinas. Years ago we thought as one thinks to this very day that the only reason was b/c of money. The Almighty dollar that correlated yet would never change one’s mind to be conscientious regarding justice. Again there is a personal note which one feels that is relevant.

Entry for May 10, 2008 ” L’Argent And The Lack Of It” Part 1

May 10, 2008

Money provides elegant items at best. With this commodity comes the necessity for basic needs without worry. Among the self indulgent items are a fleet of cars at one’s disposal; not only one residence but two or three, one for holiday while others for pleasure while on business; servants; such as cooks, governesses, gardeners to maintain the lawns and premises; tudors for children; boarding schools; Ivy League schools; security alarm systems for all the residences and all these resdences are equipped with furnishings of the finest quality, along with the latest appliances, including all the technological conveniences. This includes the computer with the latest features; as speakers, webcam w/mic; or headphones w/mic. In fact, this blogger is looking for a reasonable USB printer w/ speaker and the above items if possible. Then it will be possible to call for free. However that is still in the cards for the future. Just finished a book by my son’s friend Jeff Sypeck” The Becoming of Charlemagne” This book is surprisingly well written in a way the readers may have an appreciation of the writer’s efforts and again ones knowledge deepens as of this result.Taking a break from reading so one can absorb this lastest book,for his writing was intense.Let one add that one is content after reading it. Then in a while, one will continue with a series of Pete Hamill books. Just personal notes thrown into this scenario. Money can never buy friends. Can never take the place of human health. So one must recall what is the real essence of life.

Entry for May 09, 2008″Dorme And The Lack Of It” Part 2

May 9, 2008

Sleep clinicals are advertised across the nation. Such disorders are unfortunate to many that are discomforted daily. There are also countless mattresses that guarantee a good night’s sleep. That claim is sometimes unfounded. The lack of sleep is based on many possibilities. Such as worry, stress and health ailments of one type or the other. Usually it varies from person to person and gender. If for instance one is dealing with a troubled individual in one’s family that can bring someone to a breaking point if that person doesn’t have inner strength. An unruly adolescent or teenager sleep is the best solution. For them security and sleep go hand in hand. Accidents while driving a autobus or motorcar is due in most cases to lack of sleep. One shouldn’t drive oneself to depletion in the hopes of arriving on time. It is better to get where one is going in one piece than not at all. One should never rely on medicine in the place of au naturale. This may result in more problems. The lack of sleep can and does interfere with concentration and reaction time. In construction it is vital for those who are in that line of work, the lack of sleep is a true detriment. As a result this may cause catastrophic injury or death. In some cases airline accidents may be attributed to the lack of sleep. Some condones that are given are long hours at work schedules, gatherings at odd hours, unwelcomed relatives of friends, jetlag,miscommunication in traveling plans and uncomfortable accommodations on modes of transportation. One can’t go with not sleeping for more than three days at a time and remain in top physical,mental and emotional health.

Entry for May 08, 2008″ Dorme And The Lack Of It” Part 1

May 8, 2008

Sleep is a vital quality to one’s health. It is a combination of the amount and the depth of it. Addressing the amount some individuals can go with five or six hours and function in an okay matter for a short period of time. Others require more depending on the person’s type. It is a good rule of thumb to simply have one make their own judgement regarding this; and not have another interfere. Enough shut eye is necessary to one’s age; being infants, parents should not wake a sleeping baby for this very reason. Between the new-born and the age of five, the brain is forming to the ultimate potential. So if for any reason parents wake them therefore it interferes with development. Small children don’t require naps in some cases. They need to sleep through the night. Some persons are light- sleepers and they hear everything noise-wise during the duration of the night. Others are deep-sleepers. And this blogger is one of many. It is better to be a sound sleeper for when that is occurring REM [ rapid eye movement] is there. This is better for when one awakes, the person is well rested and therefore can start their daily activities without being fatigued and can accomplish items in a quicker matter; than otherwise. It is important for one to have an adequate amount of sleep and yet not have to much of it. Then the person is groggy and is not ready to function in a proper way. It is a very good idea to adopt the European way. In Spain the people have sinestas, in France have a small break in the middle of the day which lasts up to three hours, in England and the UK; it is called ‘tea time’ and this tradition estends to South America also. The work is scheduled around this and therefore the work time is slightly longer sometimes until seven or eight in the evening. This has been a good premise for them so the USA should do the same. Perhaps one day.