Entry for May 02, 2008″ Human To Human” Part 1

If for once the genre would treat others as human to human, people in general would have better harmony and in turn get on much better than they do presently. Instead of selling people religion, politics, the lastest fashion or for that matter fad; this world would be in better shape. It is an injustice to offer food or shelter to the hungry or homeless in return for the hopes of religion. It is also in injustice to seek out people who are in one’s opinion unable to help themselves. It may be the case that those individuals have made the decision not to do so for whatever reason. One is irked by the fact that people tend to do just that. Or try to encourage others to think in the same thoughts that they do; and of course gets irked if they don’t. For one should remember that people are different in many ways and they think differently as well.And the diversity of the world makes it most interesting. For knowledge comes from diversity. And the more knowledge that has acquired the more powerful one can become intelligently. Learning from people gives one a different view on things. Book knowledge is good too, however the term street knowledge comes from a person’s encounters. If one looks hard and deep enough one is apt to learn from another without actually trying to do just that. It comes intuitively and is intricacy. There is a vase difference between encouragement and coercion. One is apt to come on their own terms to what is good for them. One should also remember to treat others as smart rather than not, for only they have to live with their own consequences and consciences. This tendency is regardless of education or lack of and economic status.

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