Entry for May 03, 2008 ” Human To Human” Part 2

At the very beginning of civilisation, the general opinion is that ingenuity must go upward and onward. Though mankind is ruled by men being the protector and women ruled by being the heart. That is a fair synopsis. This analysis derives from the men having physical strength and women having emotional ties. This is what separates the men from the women. They are both separate but equal. In a family setting the man is the protector of the household and will do anything to obtain that goal. The woman is the heart which denotes life and without heart life is null and void. It is a travesty that the opposite sex will portray a woman as naturally weak. In the criminal world this is a fallacy. Reason being that women are more devious, cunning, and all in all more shocking than their counterpart. Then why for the life of me, do men prey on women as being less intelligent? Why is it characterised that women with naturally blond are not as bright as other women with black, brown, red or alburn hair. It should be noted that it’s not what on the top of one’s head; rather what is contained inside that matters most. When a woman is feeling under weather and goes to seek aid from a known professional; why does that professional not listen in a direct why and pump her with a lot of prescription drugs? Or worse yet say that it is psychosomatic. This doesn’t occur all the time, however it is generally known to happen more and more to the gentle sex. In dating the opposite gender why is it protocol to have the man engage in conversation first? And it is a faux pas to have the woman initiate the first conversation. It is the same process in using the phone lines. Is the man the instigator? That is a known the world over. Like it or not.

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