Entry for May 05, 2008 ” Priceless”

Intangible qualities that are inborn are priceless. Time and not the time required, what one would call added or wanted time is precious time spent with newborns,adolescents, teenagers and young adults in the hope of raising a family in a proper way. The enjoyable time one spends on happy occasions in life is most memorable as needed pictures are taken and one will look back with content.The time spent consoling or being consoled is indeed time well spent. One may recall occasions that are obvious when life throws them a curve. The ones that are pressed on them or the have-to items. The precious friends that one meets in the path of life are wonderful and can in some cases become lifelong friends too. Certain family members are a great asset to one’s life. The added connection one has when one is up in years and still a spring chicken, brings that person wonderment and admiration that far surpasses anything in any realm.The continuity of feeling is most genuinely wholesome. This is in the sense of one’s family as they grow and thrive into adulthood. In life one denotes the feeling that there is always a price to pay. What’s up with that? If someone gives one something that is tangible and says their intention is okay, one always feels that their is something they want in return that is intangible. This esplanation is difficult at best. One also recalls the precious people in one’s life as those certain people make and have made one a much better as a result of knowing them in actuality. And therefore one looks at life with a stronger intellect as a culmination of one’s esperiences.

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