Entry for May 08, 2008″ Dorme And The Lack Of It” Part 1

Sleep is a vital quality to one’s health. It is a combination of the amount and the depth of it. Addressing the amount some individuals can go with five or six hours and function in an okay matter for a short period of time. Others require more depending on the person’s type. It is a good rule of thumb to simply have one make their own judgement regarding this; and not have another interfere. Enough shut eye is necessary to one’s age; being infants, parents should not wake a sleeping baby for this very reason. Between the new-born and the age of five, the brain is forming to the ultimate potential. So if for any reason parents wake them therefore it interferes with development. Small children don’t require naps in some cases. They need to sleep through the night. Some persons are light- sleepers and they hear everything noise-wise during the duration of the night. Others are deep-sleepers. And this blogger is one of many. It is better to be a sound sleeper for when that is occurring REM [ rapid eye movement] is there. This is better for when one awakes, the person is well rested and therefore can start their daily activities without being fatigued and can accomplish items in a quicker matter; than otherwise. It is important for one to have an adequate amount of sleep and yet not have to much of it. Then the person is groggy and is not ready to function in a proper way. It is a very good idea to adopt the European way. In Spain the people have sinestas, in France have a small break in the middle of the day which lasts up to three hours, in England and the UK; it is called ‘tea time’ and this tradition estends to South America also. The work is scheduled around this and therefore the work time is slightly longer sometimes until seven or eight in the evening. This has been a good premise for them so the USA should do the same. Perhaps one day.

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