Entry for May 10, 2008 ” L’Argent And The Lack Of It” Part 1

Money provides elegant items at best. With this commodity comes the necessity for basic needs without worry. Among the self indulgent items are a fleet of cars at one’s disposal; not only one residence but two or three, one for holiday while others for pleasure while on business; servants; such as cooks, governesses, gardeners to maintain the lawns and premises; tudors for children; boarding schools; Ivy League schools; security alarm systems for all the residences and all these resdences are equipped with furnishings of the finest quality, along with the latest appliances, including all the technological conveniences. This includes the computer with the latest features; as speakers, webcam w/mic; or headphones w/mic. In fact, this blogger is looking for a reasonable USB printer w/ speaker and the above items if possible. Then it will be possible to call for free. However that is still in the cards for the future. Just finished a book by my son’s friend Jeff Sypeck” The Becoming of Charlemagne” This book is surprisingly well written in a way the readers may have an appreciation of the writer’s efforts and again ones knowledge deepens as of this result.Taking a break from reading so one can absorb this lastest book,for his writing was intense.Let one add that one is content after reading it. Then in a while, one will continue with a series of Pete Hamill books. Just personal notes thrown into this scenario. Money can never buy friends. Can never take the place of human health. So one must recall what is the real essence of life.

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