Entry for May 11, 2008″ L’argent And The Lack Of It Part 2

As the slogan goes’ it goes in one hand and out the other’. The more one has doesn’t necessarily mean manageability. It is a knack to be able to balance one’s checking account. Some have it and some don’t. If not it is readily learned by most and not all. Life becomes easier with acquiesce. It bears reminding then as well as now an incident that occurred when my second son Andre were to be baptised at the local church in the locality in which we had resided for a short time; the story goes as follows; after making an appt with the priest in the nearby parish, St Veronica. The priest refused to baptise our son, Andre for a simple and inane reason. That we were not a regular in the sense that we didn’t go to that particular parish each Sunday of for that matter on a regular basis. We had the habit of going to different Catholic churches yet closer and sometimes further away. It was our decision and yet we were not allowed to have our precious second son baptised. So we went downtown to the Cathedral and promptly had the Archbishop do the honors. We at the time were and had animosity toward that individual priest. Needless to say that the feeling was indignant. And rightfully so to have recalled this so many years later. It was not the case with our first son Ian. He was baptised by the same priest who married us at St Thomas Acquinas. Years ago we thought as one thinks to this very day that the only reason was b/c of money. The Almighty dollar that correlated yet would never change one’s mind to be conscientious regarding justice. Again there is a personal note which one feels that is relevant.

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