Entry for May 12, 2008″L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 3

The apothecary is partly responsible for the prescriptions costing more money than some people have; these persons must make rough choices. It is razzamatazz when it comes to the electability of viable candidates for public office in county, state, or national choice. Unfortunately, it boils down to lack of money and that is the main reason why some of the best people aren’t elected to offices that are notably most suited of their endeavors. This leaves the mediocre which the citizenry are left with not a choice at all. When it comes down to anything regarding beneficial needs for individuals; money of the lack of is a major factor. Take advertising and obesity in this country. The advertising concepts are lies and trickery in order to purchase a certain product. For instance, in the ads for food to make it more appealing and inviting to the gendre; the person in charge will use cooking oils and starches in place of as a deception. Some children ads will use money that will be won if only the initial product is purchased. The US government will continue to give the farmers subsidies to grow corn and will not get any subsidy if the farmers grows carrots, string beans, broccoli, or any food that is nutritious for the population. So the farmers grows all the corn and it is overabundant. The corn is stored in silos and wearhouses. The corn is used in everything imaginable. Popcorn, butter, margarine, all soft drinks, all candy, cereals, syrups, frozen foods,breads, cakes, donuts, cookies, potato chips, pies, ice cream and many more. One would think that corn is used in things that are non edible too. Just take a gander at a box that one buys in a store. It is used in one form or another. Another added concern is the tires that are brand new and off the factory shelf and never been used; there underneath past the rim the tire is falling apart. This again is due to falsification of ads and denario.

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