Entry for May 13, 2008 “L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 4

Take a second and imagine the espertise of carefully and precisely building tunnels. It is phenomenal feat in itself. In order to achieve this years ago in actuality, it was painstaking. In the process and near the completion many injurious lives were taken. If a steel beam was not mounted or concrete slabs were not adjusted in a correct way then death would be calling to the ones involved. One does recall the ultimate thrill of entering the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels and thinking how massive these are and the depth from floor to ceiling, the endless length they are, the whistling echoing sound one would hear and the finality as one exits. It was and is the thrill of a lifetime. Maybe not to all, but to this blogger it is an opportunity that one remembers with fondness. Have gone through others and there is no comparison. One is not saying that another will match the ones from one’s childhood. The enormous amount of energy and money that it took is mindboggling. Those individuals who took part in the structuring are heroes. The time away from their families and friends is uniquely reverent. This vocation is not a hobby. One must be dedicated to estremely long hours without sleep and days will go into the night in this process. One can’t determine the length of time it takes. An educated guess would be little over two decades. The chunnel that is in the English channel that connects England and France took nearly five decades for fruition b/c it was haulted a while for political reasons. There were and are countless people who take advantage on a daily compute and the tourists and persons on holiday as well. As the song starts” New York New York the wonderous town the Bronx is up and the Battery is down.

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