Entry for May 14, 2008″L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 5

The horrific possibility of one’s family member that comes up missing is prosaic. Yet at this very moment someone, perhaps a child of one’s family is in that predicament. Yet the assistance of law enforcement isn’t attainable at that particular point. One must wait at least twenty-four hours then the incident can be available for services. That is an agonizing time for ones involved. The waiting and the not knowing is more escruciating. At this time moreso than ever one must have the courage to hope. The amber alert is helpful in one aspect or another. It provides useful info to the gendre. Another is the NMAEC. It is a sorry state of affairs yet a reality for every person who is broadcasted missing, there are many more that are not. One very well known place that provides needed shelter is Covenant House. There is a one eight hundred number that one may call if they are in that situation and it can be without provocation. One has heard of ‘Children of the Night’. These children are all under eighteen and their prime concern in life to do everything and anything to survive on the streets; if being a major or minor city, anywhere they are it doesn’t matter. What matters is the survival at any cost. A very well known, well written, well cast is a tv drama series called ‘Without A Trace’ Of course it is dramatized to some point. Yet it is beneficial in the fact that at the end of the program it idenifies actual persons who are missing and given needed and vital info on them in the hope that the public can recognize them and their whereabouts. This program is a necessary tool and it has been on the air for more that ten years. And if some reason it goes into syndication it will be valuable in cold cases as well. An afterthought is that some people disappear of their own volition. Why is money involved when it comes to finding a human life?

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