Entry for May 15, 2008″ L’argent And The Lack Of It” Part 6

One was going to forgo this script for tomorrow or another day however being that one so enjoys blogging, one thought why not stay on this same course of espression. When officials are in charge of constructing a building, commercial or residential use; there are codes, permits and zones before a contractor can proceed. The needed material such as certain building tools are essential in the finality of the structure itself. This goes hand in hand with the cost of the initial project. There are many times that these contractors will scrimp on money in order to save money that they do have. This does result in catastrophic consequences in property and more important in lives. It occurs more frequently than not in skyscrappers, highrises, brownstones, apts buildings, condos, housetrailers, and on the other spectum slums in the projects. These atrocities are done by landlords and slum landlords regardless of the locality. In some cases the resident manager is in cahoots with the actual person who is commiting this action. In many cases there are several persons who have knowledge and is in collusion. A book by Jimmy Breslin ” The Short Sweet Dream of Eduardo Gutierrez directs attention to this endless issue with clarity, often in connection to minorities than not. In this case a hard working, dedicated to his family is working with estreme care for a menial wage not even enough to put food in his mouth; he goes for days without a morsel in the hopes to send enough money to his family south of the border. At the very end he is found in a cement grinder by his comrades. He worked very long hours seven days a week. This couragous individual was intending to take the day off after working fourteen days in a row to get some much needed rest instead decided to work for a fellow workmate and for that moment he was and always thinking of another and it cost him his demise. Another afterthought are the thousand of immigrants that work in the fields of the north and south in this country and pick and gather vegetables for the American tables. Now one would ask, would any American do that kind of labor day in and day out? The answer is a resounding in the negative.

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