Entry for May 19, 2008″ Songwriters, Lyricists And Librettists”

In ones particular and individual taste on this topic it isn’t ordinary. Although when it comes to certain aspects of aversion one is apt to share their zeal. In the commonplace of listening to the media one finds the so-called classics, the big band era, the known country classics, as well as the meriad of songs and singers.These stem from sole popularity by the public. Unique songwriters have the knack to write a poem to music. A few lyricists have the adeptness to script words from life esperiences and from their heart. There are a handful of librettists. These individuals pride themselves on authenticity and sheer genius. And rightfully so. Andrew L. Webber is a fine esample of a libretto that was “Jesus Christ Superstar” Webber complied words, music to an opera. To accomplish this feat doesn’t come overnight. He has done other phenominal work in this field also. My favourites are Anthony Kiedis of the RHCP. He has the marvelous ingenuity. Another favourity is Clarence Greenwood better known as Citizen Cope. If one would only listen to the depth of the words being conveyed then ones knowledge would increase as an outcome. His music is mindboggling and becomes energetic. Another that is favoured is Tom Yorke of Radiohead. He is the ultimate best. Another one that is favoured is Robert Smith of the Cure. He is multi skilled. Another is Lee Loughlane of the musical ensemble ‘Chicago’ He does a rendition called ‘Little One’ and it is done symphonically and one would think that it is done as an opera when listening critically to it. He could be put in the same category as a librettist if one chooses to do so. However one may choose not as well. Glen Hansard of the Frames is another favourite. He is adept unparalleled. These aren’t commercialized and don’t need endorsements of any kind and for that matter they don’t want any, for they and they alone can stand on their own.

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