Entry for May 30, 2008″Confidence and Sports”

In order to build confidence at a very young age; parents must react in a positive not negative manner by instilling an espression on being favourable to the supposed action at hand, with a smile for instance. Whereby a child may foresee facial espressions first of all. Words aren’t needed. All children perhaps the younger ones are better attuned to this reaction for the most part, as for new-borns and babies who are under one year of age. The learning process should never be forced. An idea would be better off if encouraged by the person who is teaching. For instance, riding a bike; first a tricycle, then a two wheeler; in most cases a child will forget the tricycle b/c it would never be introduced in the first place.This all is up to the teacher whomever it is.Take swimming is a prime esample. If the teacher shows fear for the water the child is apt to pick up on this, although not always. A child should feel free to learn as much as possible and go at his/her own pace. In some ways it is good to have competition from a sibling or a friend, but never from a parent if that person is the teacher. In taking lessons from instructors who know the best way of approaching the lessons in biking, swimming, learning to play a musical instrument or any preference the child may have as to their own desires. These instructors are the best to prevent any injuries in the learning process. This confidence can therefore be related into relationships as well. Read the book ” The Gift” by Pete Hamill. It is well written and most touching, also read “Guns of Heaven” this too is compelling.Been watching the NBA with the Celtics and the Pistons. Want the Pistons to get the grand prize. Been also watching the Stanley Cup Finals with the Penquins and the Wings. Want the Red Wings to again get the Cup. Been enjoying the outdoors and mowing the grass and a little yard work for esercise. Sports is a model for agility.

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