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Entry for June 29, 2008″Worth Mentioning”

June 29, 2008

Despite the recent devastating floods that ravaged this part of the state; there is still a glimmer of hope that there is nature abound. In fact outside the window one hears the tweetering of perhaps a young bird as one is scripting momentarily, on this grey windy day. It looks as if it will again storm. While on the way to the Borders the previous Tuesday, my friend and myself were in the car and riding around Lake Monona. Suddenly we viewed an amazing sight. They were Canadian geese and there young ducklings. As we ventured forward we viewed still more and more. There were two Canadian geese with at least seven duckings each. This was at three separate spots along the bay. All were on the grass foraging for food, and peering hesitatingly at the earth before them. One unfortunately didn’t have a camera to capture their innocence. Thought it would have been lovely to stop a while and be able to have the heart to pick one or more up just to have the feeling of holding them. To actually feel the fur next to one’s skin. That is only in one’s imagination; for if one would have done that in reality they would have scattered b/c of fright and rightfully justified. One thought, how far did they travel to get where they were? Where were they originally? Hadn’t seen this spectacle, first time. Wondered why this happened now? Was it b/c of the way the lake is now and as a result of the flood? It was certainly worth mentioning. Another event that is occuring on this day is my neice’s wedding in Orlando. What a glorious event. Time is going swiftly yet it is of importance to used each second wisely and be content in the process. For one may never have the opportunity to render time. For it is recherche.

Entry for June 28, 2008″ The Unknown”

June 28, 2008

The unknown is an everyday occurrence in the mere chance of awakening in the early morning light. When one is packing their belongings and therefore moving to another state different from the cultures of their own; if one could only have the imagination of moving temporarily outside of their own country. It suits one better if one has another to share their own esperiences; it is harshes to esperience it on one’s own. Whereas it makes it more enjoyable if one or more are sharing the same encounter.Take for instance moving to another state and before that imagining what it was before one arrived. This very month one has been here in the same city for two years and has esperience the paranormal for onesself, and has come through it and a much better person as a result of it. When one goes into a different status in life one is better for it for the fact that one is sharing it together; the good, bad and things inbetween, and again they become better for it, individually and collectively as they attempt to learn from the teachings taught in life in generality. When one travels on holiday for enjoyment and lelsure one is chancing and risking the unknown happenings. One doesn’t connote necessarily the difference that risks and chances are good b/c it suggests the opposite. It is all the way one looks at it. If one is intuitive which is intrinsic than risks and chances have a better future than otherwise related to clairvoyance. Read the book and enjoyed it tremendously’Flesh And Blood’ by Pete Hamill. It is wonderful talent and skill to be able to have the capacity to captivate others in such a unique way. For a writer has such a power to be believable in the process of its contents. Only a few in one’s opinion have this skill. These are like actors on paper.

Entry for June 22, 2008 ” Birds Of A Feather”

June 22, 2008

This connotation birds of a feather stick together is for certain true. It comes in many ways; educational, cultural and religiously. Reason being that initially some may feel better atune and more comfortable with their own kind. It works both in a positive as well as a negative aspect. Yet others want to rebel and attempt to make a statement; of course this is primarily within their own mind. It is so unjust, and a disservice to the parents to raise offsprings in a remote strict manner; for the children will invariably do the very opposite of the way they were raised. It is not by any chance of the imaginations their fault. If for some reason one would put blame, it would go directly to the parents. Originally for the lack of values and guidance. One would surmise that the lost are only misdirected. Am reading another book in a series of Pete Hamill. It is intrinsic,entertaining and fictional. It is called’ A Killing for Christ’. Just the title entices one to delve into it further. One has much less stress than yesterday b/c the gift was delivered to Lizzy. One is so relieved. This topic may also be used in the course of language too, the dialect and the pronounciations of words.Now speaking negativey certain people aren’t really friends in the true sense; for they are the type to use and abuse; use others to only obtain what they can get materially and sometimes abuse while in the process of it or after getting it. It is unfortunately that history repeats itself and not is a positive way. These human are unaware of the consequences in a few cases and in most they don’t give a care. That is so remorseful for the their own generation and the ones forthcoming,These humans will never become leaders. They will always be followers. And if a slim chance to lead; they will lead one in the path of destruction. One might add that it isn’t comaraderie.

Entry for June 20, 2008″Stress”

June 20, 2008

Stress may come in many forms and while putting it on oneself which is a necessity to strive to perform better and in some cases to yet strive to do one’s utter best, it is good to be that way. Others may differ and they are entitled to their own opinion. One shouldn’t put stress on others in some cases, for it will drive oneself to the breaking point. Some people achieve better under pressure. I, for one isn’t in that category. It is better to organise events beforehand and as to have a much better outlook on the entire prospective, than waiting for the very last moment to accomplish many things all at once. If one is in that mode, then it just so happens that the things will be done in a half-assed way or in some cases forgotten altogether. One feels better emotionally when one plans things. And that goes for everything in one’s daily life. It is also a good idea to synchronise things so it will go smoother than if one would do things in a lopsided way, i.e. to purchase items before paying rent and keeping a roof over one’s head. It isn’t appropo to put added stress on another human being. In dealing with stress one should merely think of their own priorities. One should figure out what is important to that particular individual, for they, and they alone are to make their own decision. Not another is to make that decision for them. One may differ decisively on an individual basis. If one is highstrung to begin with, one should keep in mind always to have the trival events run off their backs and never have things bother them to a certain estent. And when it happens to listen to one’s favourite music. To have harmony and unison is one’s cup of tea.

Entry for June 19, 2008″ A Culmination”

June 19, 2008

This is a culmination along with a continuation. An end to something and yet at the same time continuing on the same course. One has mentioned this topic in detail in a previous blog. A endless ideas, thoughts and mere perseverance one must persue in attaining this goal. To some, this is non consequential. One doesn’t seem to view it in that light. It is of estreme importance. Let one interject a second. In yesterday’s blog it was the first time and one might add the last time that before posting it; one didn’t read it. One learns from that; 1) when one reads it they are correcting any errors, the arrangement of the sentence and2) the mis spellings of any words.3) in accomplishing this, one is reading and editing at the same time. Now returning to the subject at hand; it is about my neices, Christal and Elizabeth. An update, Christal is engaged and one is overjoyed at the prospect. No date yet. Liz is getting married this month in a couple of weeks. Got addresses from both of them and sent them a little something purchased at Borders. Sent them both on Saturday and Christal has obtained hers, while Liz’s has been forwarded. Sent them both notes and separate cards. One aim is to make these blogs cheerful in the most positive way possible. However sometimes it becomes difficult when speaking on a personal venue. One’s main aim is to have contact with people of one’s own choosing. And one is content at this present stage. One hopes that this connotation is straight forward.

Entry for June 18, 2008″ Inundated” Part 3

June 18, 2008

It is inconceivable the devastation that is ongoing momentarily; as one peers at the clear cloudless blue sky. This misery is unimaginable. A silver lining is that the loss of life and the injures are minimal. Not being callous, yet to the scope of it, could have been higher. One must give credit to the grand preparations of the people involved. One should commend the emergency responders, beforehand and during. In Baraboo,Wi. the annphibean ducks rescued hundreds from the roofs of their homes. These are best known in the Wi. Dells area and put on shows for tourists mainly there, at the same time having be educational as well. There are used both on land and water. Just today heard that the levees on the Mississippi River have given way and are now broken. That is catastrophic to a meriad of persons. The towns and cities along the river is monumental. This will devastate cities like Quincey,Ill.and other towns is Ill. And Mo. is affected as well. Cities like Hanibull as far down to St. Louis. One is hopeful that the news reports are inaccurate, and not as bad as one is saying. One may seem to be oblivous to what happens to others, yet when it does the occurrence affects the entire country. When one goes to the supermarket, the price of food will be skyrocketing. Regardless of the government continuing to give the farmers subsidies for the corn that is now not grown. One only hopes that the death and injures will be status quo, yet one seems to wonder is that will become a reality. Knowing that the flood waters are so detrimental to one’s health. On a lighter note the Celtics won their seventeenth championship on the seventeenth day. It proves that where there’s a will there’s a way. And that can pertain to anything including the floods. One must persevere and never relent.

Entry for June 17, 2008 “Inundated” Part 2

June 17, 2008

It is a sorry state of affairs when must relinquish their dwelling; and moreso haven’t a choice in the process. When one is faced with their health, livelyhood and life itself it becomes apparent as to the outcome. In Madison, Wi. Lake Mendota is over flood stage and is threatening the homes for the residents on the westside must go to higher ground and some are left to go to shelters. Both Lake Mendota and Lake Monona[which is at the end of my street] is filled with toxic matter, ecolie, raw sewage. There are signs up to warn people not to swim, boat and wade for health risks. Wisconsin has been spared compared to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. In Cedar Rapids the whole city is underwater and the Cedar River is above nine feet; when it first began it was over fourteen feet. In Iowa City it is worse. The university hospital was evacuated and patients were moved to the other nearby hospitals in the area. This was b/c of flooding and the equipment was in danger of being damage. The levee had given way and that is why the city became a cataclysm. The US post office in Beloit in Wi. is at this moment is in the midst of moving their office to a high school b/c of very high water. One can’t post anything outside the office. One is assured that as bad as it is; one must keep in mind that others have it far worse. It is a travesty that those who reside in the flood plain don’t have flood insurance and aren’t eligible for it. That is a miscarriage of justice. FEMA has just announced that there are 27 levees in danger. In lieu of telling, and wasting precious time, construct a way to repair them. Oh, by the way this is the same org. that put the people in the makeshift homes in New Orleans and later it was found that those shacks were uninhabitable with formaldahyde in them. No less. One shouldn’t be nonchalant when playing with the lives of human beings. Life isn’t a game, and it isn’t on a roulette wheel.

Entry for June 16, 2008″Inundated” Part 1

June 16, 2008

As last week came one would have never had a inkling as to the days in store. For last week was the mere start of it. Prior to the days mentioned were simply beautiful and lovely. One might add normalcy as the weather unfolds. Then it rained with thunderstorms, lightening of numerous strikes both near and far; and many sizes of hail too. After a day of two, it was evident that the rain had produced such a deluge that the sewers were no longer capable to handle it. As a result of it the streets began to flood. Now one is not speaking of huge puddles here and there, and one isn’t speaking of a few inches either. It is enough to have a motor car get stalled or literally stop. In Madison on the west side there are streets closed as a result of high water. Basements are inundated. The part of the Beltway which is a few blocks from my residence is closed. Several highways that are leading up to Wi. Dells are closed. These closures are put in place indefinitely. Lake Delton which has the water activities for tourists: is the primary lake. This particular lake was drained and the water from it is in the Wi. River. There were several homes that were submerged and went downstream; several yards away from the original site. These homes were used by people on holidays. Now as of this blogging there are a series of dry days and those infected are now accessing the damage done. Residents were advised to go to nearly shelters set up by the Red Cross. These residents were courageous in the fact that they had to deal not only with the physical loss but the emotional loss as well. The latter is more strenuous to heal. For there are constant reminders henceforth; and only time is on their side.

Entry for June 15, 2008 ” Political Agenda”

June 15, 2008

It is a fallacy when one is bombarded with superfluous announcements on the airwaves and on the radiowaves to have one seek out one candidate over another. When one’s desire is to pursue a political agenda, it would be important to focus on what really matters. After reading the book ” Crimes Against Nature” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. it is most evident that protection against power plants, chemical plants; protecting the waters in rivers, streams, lakes, bays are the vital issues facing the one’s who want to seek higher office. Before deciding to purchase this book, one had very little knowledge on the subject. And when hearing and listening to the numerous dialognes from the different people; a conglomeration of thoughts were racing through my mind. One question was to why are these the topic. Then after reading this book the author answered these questions and more so eloquently for the reader. One could increase their knowledge in the most profound way just by taking the time to read this book. Whatever one’s politics, religion or gender is one would certainly benefit greatly. One is not trying to review this book, yet only to continue and share the knowledge that is there. The best way to grab one’s attention is to chat about the issues that are most vital in daily life. The best way the divert one’s attention is to speak about things that are unattainable. There are many who make broken promises; yet there are few that keep their word of honor. One must keep in mind the future generations in the wide scope of events. And in doing that one will focus on their own.

Entry for June 08, 2008 ” Life”

June 8, 2008

Life has a myriad of twists and turns. It may turn one upside down and backward in ways unimaginable. It is most rewarding in numerous ways too. It is most gratifying in the joy one finds in the added knowledge one obtains daily in observation of nature; animal as well as human. In books by favourite authors brings both joy and needed satisfaction. One favours a type of music too is most entertaining and relieves stress. The freedom to think in the very early morning about what is freely chosen brings happiness. The most joy one finds is in the choice of one’s family members. To be civil to all; yet to be close to some. And friends may work in the same way. It is good to be in contact with others, yet truth be spoken some may get on one’s nerves and it is good to avoid those who do for one’ s basic health. It is always good to make one’s own choice in this matter rather than another to make it. For not one of us wants to be told what they already know, and to have others make it for them. If that happens; and it happens more then one’s wants to admit; then those involved have the intelligence of animals. And are going on mere instincts. In this part of the country there has been severe weather and it is something to view with the naked eye, yet it is very scientific. One knows how it happens, yet one can’t yet predict when or if it will occur. Life is a cup half full rather than half empty. It is also an escellent suggestion to be in contact with one’s choice of people. For no person is a island. Tomorrow will be two years since I’ve moved here and it is so much better than the Deep South (Alabama). One can’t tell another the advantages. Though one must live it for themselves to actually visualize the concept. As one who has lived there for seven years saw it as an esperience to have more of an appreciation that one would have without it.