Entry for June 05, 2008″ Supply And Demand”

Supply and demand could pertain to any commodity. Whereas if it is clothing; as to the latest trend, certain books, types of music, various foods that are consumed,or for that matter anything that comes to mind. One esample is fuel for numerous uses. If the demand isn’t there, then the supply would be nil. If people would begin to use ingenuity things would become better in the long run. One fine esample is transportation. The rail system is this country is not in use. It would be so less stressful if persons could have the choice of riding the trains. One is well aware of the convenience of subways in NYC. It would be so wonderful if the amtrack would be revamp in this country. It would be great to take the train to work and back; or to take a modified version of it for wkend outings for shopping, errands, going to a neighboring state or just take it for leisure on a nice time to do something adventurous. Imagine riding the train and viewing the scenery nearby and taking it easy without needed stress for time schedules and such. Been doing a little more yard work; went to Borders to pick up a couple of books by Pete Hamill. Then also purchase another by Robert Kennedy Jr. called ‘Crimes Against Nature’. Now I am starting it and find it most enlightening and will get some needed knowledge on the subject. Speaking of petrol, there are many places within this country in which it may safely be drilled. One place is the desert in Nevada, in the oceans depth in the Gulf of Mexico, in the state of Alaska and one is certain there are more places if one would take the time and patience to look carefully and wisely; and in turn not damage the wetlands, perserves and conservation in the process. Imagine a world that is responsible for it own needs and never be dependent on other countries, and thereby be subsevient in return. Oh, let us not forget today was the tragic death of Robert F. Kennedy. What a marvelous President of the U.S. he would have become.

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