Entry for June 08, 2008 ” Life”

Life has a myriad of twists and turns. It may turn one upside down and backward in ways unimaginable. It is most rewarding in numerous ways too. It is most gratifying in the joy one finds in the added knowledge one obtains daily in observation of nature; animal as well as human. In books by favourite authors brings both joy and needed satisfaction. One favours a type of music too is most entertaining and relieves stress. The freedom to think in the very early morning about what is freely chosen brings happiness. The most joy one finds is in the choice of one’s family members. To be civil to all; yet to be close to some. And friends may work in the same way. It is good to be in contact with others, yet truth be spoken some may get on one’s nerves and it is good to avoid those who do for one’ s basic health. It is always good to make one’s own choice in this matter rather than another to make it. For not one of us wants to be told what they already know, and to have others make it for them. If that happens; and it happens more then one’s wants to admit; then those involved have the intelligence of animals. And are going on mere instincts. In this part of the country there has been severe weather and it is something to view with the naked eye, yet it is very scientific. One knows how it happens, yet one can’t yet predict when or if it will occur. Life is a cup half full rather than half empty. It is also an escellent suggestion to be in contact with one’s choice of people. For no person is a island. Tomorrow will be two years since I’ve moved here and it is so much better than the Deep South (Alabama). One can’t tell another the advantages. Though one must live it for themselves to actually visualize the concept. As one who has lived there for seven years saw it as an esperience to have more of an appreciation that one would have without it.

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