Entry for June 15, 2008 ” Political Agenda”

It is a fallacy when one is bombarded with superfluous announcements on the airwaves and on the radiowaves to have one seek out one candidate over another. When one’s desire is to pursue a political agenda, it would be important to focus on what really matters. After reading the book ” Crimes Against Nature” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. it is most evident that protection against power plants, chemical plants; protecting the waters in rivers, streams, lakes, bays are the vital issues facing the one’s who want to seek higher office. Before deciding to purchase this book, one had very little knowledge on the subject. And when hearing and listening to the numerous dialognes from the different people; a conglomeration of thoughts were racing through my mind. One question was to why are these the topic. Then after reading this book the author answered these questions and more so eloquently for the reader. One could increase their knowledge in the most profound way just by taking the time to read this book. Whatever one’s politics, religion or gender is one would certainly benefit greatly. One is not trying to review this book, yet only to continue and share the knowledge that is there. The best way to grab one’s attention is to chat about the issues that are most vital in daily life. The best way the divert one’s attention is to speak about things that are unattainable. There are many who make broken promises; yet there are few that keep their word of honor. One must keep in mind the future generations in the wide scope of events. And in doing that one will focus on their own.

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