Entry for June 16, 2008″Inundated” Part 1

As last week came one would have never had a inkling as to the days in store. For last week was the mere start of it. Prior to the days mentioned were simply beautiful and lovely. One might add normalcy as the weather unfolds. Then it rained with thunderstorms, lightening of numerous strikes both near and far; and many sizes of hail too. After a day of two, it was evident that the rain had produced such a deluge that the sewers were no longer capable to handle it. As a result of it the streets began to flood. Now one is not speaking of huge puddles here and there, and one isn’t speaking of a few inches either. It is enough to have a motor car get stalled or literally stop. In Madison on the west side there are streets closed as a result of high water. Basements are inundated. The part of the Beltway which is a few blocks from my residence is closed. Several highways that are leading up to Wi. Dells are closed. These closures are put in place indefinitely. Lake Delton which has the water activities for tourists: is the primary lake. This particular lake was drained and the water from it is in the Wi. River. There were several homes that were submerged and went downstream; several yards away from the original site. These homes were used by people on holidays. Now as of this blogging there are a series of dry days and those infected are now accessing the damage done. Residents were advised to go to nearly shelters set up by the Red Cross. These residents were courageous in the fact that they had to deal not only with the physical loss but the emotional loss as well. The latter is more strenuous to heal. For there are constant reminders henceforth; and only time is on their side.

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