Entry for June 17, 2008 “Inundated” Part 2

It is a sorry state of affairs when must relinquish their dwelling; and moreso haven’t a choice in the process. When one is faced with their health, livelyhood and life itself it becomes apparent as to the outcome. In Madison, Wi. Lake Mendota is over flood stage and is threatening the homes for the residents on the westside must go to higher ground and some are left to go to shelters. Both Lake Mendota and Lake Monona[which is at the end of my street] is filled with toxic matter, ecolie, raw sewage. There are signs up to warn people not to swim, boat and wade for health risks. Wisconsin has been spared compared to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. In Cedar Rapids the whole city is underwater and the Cedar River is above nine feet; when it first began it was over fourteen feet. In Iowa City it is worse. The university hospital was evacuated and patients were moved to the other nearby hospitals in the area. This was b/c of flooding and the equipment was in danger of being damage. The levee had given way and that is why the city became a cataclysm. The US post office in Beloit in Wi. is at this moment is in the midst of moving their office to a high school b/c of very high water. One can’t post anything outside the office. One is assured that as bad as it is; one must keep in mind that others have it far worse. It is a travesty that those who reside in the flood plain don’t have flood insurance and aren’t eligible for it. That is a miscarriage of justice. FEMA has just announced that there are 27 levees in danger. In lieu of telling, and wasting precious time, construct a way to repair them. Oh, by the way this is the same org. that put the people in the makeshift homes in New Orleans and later it was found that those shacks were uninhabitable with formaldahyde in them. No less. One shouldn’t be nonchalant when playing with the lives of human beings. Life isn’t a game, and it isn’t on a roulette wheel.

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