Entry for June 18, 2008″ Inundated” Part 3

It is inconceivable the devastation that is ongoing momentarily; as one peers at the clear cloudless blue sky. This misery is unimaginable. A silver lining is that the loss of life and the injures are minimal. Not being callous, yet to the scope of it, could have been higher. One must give credit to the grand preparations of the people involved. One should commend the emergency responders, beforehand and during. In Baraboo,Wi. the annphibean ducks rescued hundreds from the roofs of their homes. These are best known in the Wi. Dells area and put on shows for tourists mainly there, at the same time having be educational as well. There are used both on land and water. Just today heard that the levees on the Mississippi River have given way and are now broken. That is catastrophic to a meriad of persons. The towns and cities along the river is monumental. This will devastate cities like Quincey,Ill.and other towns is Ill. And Mo. is affected as well. Cities like Hanibull as far down to St. Louis. One is hopeful that the news reports are inaccurate, and not as bad as one is saying. One may seem to be oblivous to what happens to others, yet when it does the occurrence affects the entire country. When one goes to the supermarket, the price of food will be skyrocketing. Regardless of the government continuing to give the farmers subsidies for the corn that is now not grown. One only hopes that the death and injures will be status quo, yet one seems to wonder is that will become a reality. Knowing that the flood waters are so detrimental to one’s health. On a lighter note the Celtics won their seventeenth championship on the seventeenth day. It proves that where there’s a will there’s a way. And that can pertain to anything including the floods. One must persevere and never relent.

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