Entry for June 19, 2008″ A Culmination”

This is a culmination along with a continuation. An end to something and yet at the same time continuing on the same course. One has mentioned this topic in detail in a previous blog. A endless ideas, thoughts and mere perseverance one must persue in attaining this goal. To some, this is non consequential. One doesn’t seem to view it in that light. It is of estreme importance. Let one interject a second. In yesterday’s blog it was the first time and one might add the last time that before posting it; one didn’t read it. One learns from that; 1) when one reads it they are correcting any errors, the arrangement of the sentence and2) the mis spellings of any words.3) in accomplishing this, one is reading and editing at the same time. Now returning to the subject at hand; it is about my neices, Christal and Elizabeth. An update, Christal is engaged and one is overjoyed at the prospect. No date yet. Liz is getting married this month in a couple of weeks. Got addresses from both of them and sent them a little something purchased at Borders. Sent them both on Saturday and Christal has obtained hers, while Liz’s has been forwarded. Sent them both notes and separate cards. One aim is to make these blogs cheerful in the most positive way possible. However sometimes it becomes difficult when speaking on a personal venue. One’s main aim is to have contact with people of one’s own choosing. And one is content at this present stage. One hopes that this connotation is straight forward.

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