Entry for June 20, 2008″Stress”

Stress may come in many forms and while putting it on oneself which is a necessity to strive to perform better and in some cases to yet strive to do one’s utter best, it is good to be that way. Others may differ and they are entitled to their own opinion. One shouldn’t put stress on others in some cases, for it will drive oneself to the breaking point. Some people achieve better under pressure. I, for one isn’t in that category. It is better to organise events beforehand and as to have a much better outlook on the entire prospective, than waiting for the very last moment to accomplish many things all at once. If one is in that mode, then it just so happens that the things will be done in a half-assed way or in some cases forgotten altogether. One feels better emotionally when one plans things. And that goes for everything in one’s daily life. It is also a good idea to synchronise things so it will go smoother than if one would do things in a lopsided way, i.e. to purchase items before paying rent and keeping a roof over one’s head. It isn’t appropo to put added stress on another human being. In dealing with stress one should merely think of their own priorities. One should figure out what is important to that particular individual, for they, and they alone are to make their own decision. Not another is to make that decision for them. One may differ decisively on an individual basis. If one is highstrung to begin with, one should keep in mind always to have the trival events run off their backs and never have things bother them to a certain estent. And when it happens to listen to one’s favourite music. To have harmony and unison is one’s cup of tea.

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