Entry for June 22, 2008 ” Birds Of A Feather”

This connotation birds of a feather stick together is for certain true. It comes in many ways; educational, cultural and religiously. Reason being that initially some may feel better atune and more comfortable with their own kind. It works both in a positive as well as a negative aspect. Yet others want to rebel and attempt to make a statement; of course this is primarily within their own mind. It is so unjust, and a disservice to the parents to raise offsprings in a remote strict manner; for the children will invariably do the very opposite of the way they were raised. It is not by any chance of the imaginations their fault. If for some reason one would put blame, it would go directly to the parents. Originally for the lack of values and guidance. One would surmise that the lost are only misdirected. Am reading another book in a series of Pete Hamill. It is intrinsic,entertaining and fictional. It is called’ A Killing for Christ’. Just the title entices one to delve into it further. One has much less stress than yesterday b/c the gift was delivered to Lizzy. One is so relieved. This topic may also be used in the course of language too, the dialect and the pronounciations of words.Now speaking negativey certain people aren’t really friends in the true sense; for they are the type to use and abuse; use others to only obtain what they can get materially and sometimes abuse while in the process of it or after getting it. It is unfortunately that history repeats itself and not is a positive way. These human are unaware of the consequences in a few cases and in most they don’t give a care. That is so remorseful for the their own generation and the ones forthcoming,These humans will never become leaders. They will always be followers. And if a slim chance to lead; they will lead one in the path of destruction. One might add that it isn’t comaraderie.

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