Entry for June 28, 2008″ The Unknown”

The unknown is an everyday occurrence in the mere chance of awakening in the early morning light. When one is packing their belongings and therefore moving to another state different from the cultures of their own; if one could only have the imagination of moving temporarily outside of their own country. It suits one better if one has another to share their own esperiences; it is harshes to esperience it on one’s own. Whereas it makes it more enjoyable if one or more are sharing the same encounter.Take for instance moving to another state and before that imagining what it was before one arrived. This very month one has been here in the same city for two years and has esperience the paranormal for onesself, and has come through it and a much better person as a result of it. When one goes into a different status in life one is better for it for the fact that one is sharing it together; the good, bad and things inbetween, and again they become better for it, individually and collectively as they attempt to learn from the teachings taught in life in generality. When one travels on holiday for enjoyment and lelsure one is chancing and risking the unknown happenings. One doesn’t connote necessarily the difference that risks and chances are good b/c it suggests the opposite. It is all the way one looks at it. If one is intuitive which is intrinsic than risks and chances have a better future than otherwise related to clairvoyance. Read the book and enjoyed it tremendously’Flesh And Blood’ by Pete Hamill. It is wonderful talent and skill to be able to have the capacity to captivate others in such a unique way. For a writer has such a power to be believable in the process of its contents. Only a few in one’s opinion have this skill. These are like actors on paper.

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