Entry for June 29, 2008″Worth Mentioning”

Despite the recent devastating floods that ravaged this part of the state; there is still a glimmer of hope that there is nature abound. In fact outside the window one hears the tweetering of perhaps a young bird as one is scripting momentarily, on this grey windy day. It looks as if it will again storm. While on the way to the Borders the previous Tuesday, my friend and myself were in the car and riding around Lake Monona. Suddenly we viewed an amazing sight. They were Canadian geese and there young ducklings. As we ventured forward we viewed still more and more. There were two Canadian geese with at least seven duckings each. This was at three separate spots along the bay. All were on the grass foraging for food, and peering hesitatingly at the earth before them. One unfortunately didn’t have a camera to capture their innocence. Thought it would have been lovely to stop a while and be able to have the heart to pick one or more up just to have the feeling of holding them. To actually feel the fur next to one’s skin. That is only in one’s imagination; for if one would have done that in reality they would have scattered b/c of fright and rightfully justified. One thought, how far did they travel to get where they were? Where were they originally? Hadn’t seen this spectacle, first time. Wondered why this happened now? Was it b/c of the way the lake is now and as a result of the flood? It was certainly worth mentioning. Another event that is occuring on this day is my neice’s wedding in Orlando. What a glorious event. Time is going swiftly yet it is of importance to used each second wisely and be content in the process. For one may never have the opportunity to render time. For it is recherche.

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