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Entry for July 28, 2008″ Attributes”

July 28, 2008

If one would take a sec and notice the similarites en lieu of the differential pertaining to the wants and needs of certain cultures. The motto waste not want not is authentic. The attitudes and attributes are characteristically to other cultures verses our own. Hence questions abound. One comes to mind; why do americans discard the pealings from apples, oranges, watermelons, and other melons including mangoes, and bananas? The vitamins in apples for instance has pecten and is essential to one’s overall health.This question is versed b/c in India, the genre used all their resources obtained by the earth and their thriftness is commended and minimal. They use everything available and reuse it several time if necessary. If one is wondering in referring to this knowledge; it is after reading a book mentioned in the last blog.Another set of humans are the Eskimos.These pensive fellow creatures utilise all that is available from the earth as well. The blubber from seals and other animals for clothing, to heat their domicile. That is perhaps one of a meriad of their ingenuity and their creativeness. One may ascertain that there are several other cultures in the world that have the same criteria. One wouldn’t surmise that these two cultures mentioned could go with the lack of food to energize their bodies. However unfortunately they do yet have the presence of mind to do something about their plight. If one is given in a continuing matter there is not a sense to strive for anything, their appreciation isn’t there for they can’t contemplate appreciation and more they are unaware of how to appreciate. If one for some reason or another is forever foolishly bailing them out of one jam after another; then there is no chance of survival. One must take the hard knocks and in doing so that person builds character.

Entry for July 26, 2008″ A Project”

July 26, 2008

This project will be in a number of stages. First the thought process, the planning, the measuring, the certain people involved who must be trusted, the knowledge of those individuals as far as technology is certained, and the willing on one’s part not to renege for any reason; one being problematic. For anything one does, it is essential to follow through to the outcome of it; for what is the reason for commensing with it in the first place. The accomplishment one feels when the something is finished makes one feel worthy of doing it and knowing it was done with one’s satisfaction. Thinking there is a mystery and the revelation to it makes it all the more worth attaining this goal. Knowing that it will take patience, know-how, cooperation and technique is all part of the wide picture. Knowing that it will take a matter of precious time over perhaps a long period doesn’t deter one’s ambition. Saw Ian’s bid list of where he is scheduled to travel and live next; and it seems pretty interesting. Taken a small break from reading. Have three books yet to read and there isn’t an urge for it now. Enjoying my contact with my neices, Christal and Lizzy. Emailing and answering them and ignoring some takes one’s time. Speaking of the epic at hand; want to toss the bed being that it has been outlandishly uncomfortable. It was secondhand from the beginning. Got it from one of my neices. One was and am totally in awe of it and she is and was most gracious. Yet now it is time to throw it. One is living in a room that is small and one has most of the furniture one owns within it. The door to the room doesn’t open all the way which is ok and has been ok for two years. And knowing that the digital era is upon the universe soon, that in itself spark this idea. What to give one’s entertainment center along with one’s two glass end tables to St Vincent’s De Paul Society. Phoned them yesterday as to this possibility and the receptionist was most pleasant. Will give the readers and update and will entitle it that.

Entry for July 25, 2008″ Irritants”

July 25, 2008

With today’s technology one would think that irritants would be solved in a more espedient manner. One should be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Yet one finds it with atagonism when one is doing their utmost to interpert the issue involved another wants to make the issue larger en lieu of just saying what needs to be said and therefore avoiding needed tension in the process. The issue is with the phone lines. It has happened on four different occasions. All of a sudden, one uses the phone to make a call and there is no dial tone. So one doesn’t panic one just goes about doing what things needed to be done and deals with it at a later date. For at the time one was in the middle of books; so one was ok at that time. Finished the book mentioned in the last blog. It was sensational and all of them were and of course without comparison. There are two phone lines in this house. Mine and theirs. Carol has a jack; mine does not, too espensive. So mine is in the basement and it has been that way since I’ve moved here and before Carol asked if that would be ok with me and I said sure why not. First time and second time the issue occurred it was a issue with the wires in the basement and it was solved by replacing the meticulous wire; then the third time it was the wire in my bedroom that needed to be recified. That was done and now the fourth time it was a wire being cut for some unknown reason; I asked the att technican to please inform Carol of that issue. And in the course of repairing it he instructed Carol and myself of the outside box in back of the house. At each time I wasn’t charged b/c of the maintenence plan that I have included in the payment each month. That is little or no consolation to this recurring issue. Might add that I went to Radio Shack and purchased a new battery thinking that was the issue. In speaking on the phone previously there was a scratching noise deteched by those in whom one was contacted. And one noticed previously the range of the phone was non esistant as it is a cordless phone and the only one; one has at the moment. When it works its fine, if not deal with it.

Entry for July 20, 2008 “Discouveries”

July 20, 2008

One will envariably find discouveries in everyday ventures, as one is most observant in their vigilance in noticing several aspects. One being astrological signs, and the word within that word which is logic may give prudence to that analysation. One may have the notion that this credence has justification. As to the clarity of why a certain person gets on better with another; and others don’t must correlate directly or indirectly to these signs. As for one it is scientifically proven. One may demand the question as to why then are there many divorces in this country. That response does in fact have a myriad of answers and they are a conglomeration of numerous issues. Speaking for this blogger one is attune to virgo and capricorn. If one mentions in the course of making small talk’ that it just wasn’t to meant to be’ are they referring to the stars or to the signs? One has to wonder. Am in the middle of the same book mentioned yesterday which is elegantly scripted with delicateness. If one has the perpendency to take a gander at the traits signified by each of the astrological signs one will see there is truth to what is there, however must be take not in authentically. This is never in catagorically as tarro cards to tell the fortune of another for that is marlarky, balonney and all the above. Yet in the defence of the signs one should know that all isn’t all what its cracked up to be. It isn’t others to seek out one’s destiny, it is the responsibility of oneself to act in a respective matter that will give the person a dignity which is irreplacable. Yet a little savor faire aids in reference to this epic. One longs for some consequential knowledge for one may never obtain enough of it. Knowledge is power.

Entry for July 19, 2008″Patience”

July 19, 2008

Patience is synonymous with tolerance. It is also a trait with one’s of astrological sign. One has ultimate, endless and needed patience with others; yet when it comes with oneself, there is a minute or nil amount of it. One has the analysation that the range of one’s expectation is far surpassed than others. So that is the mere reason for the lack of patience in oneself. However one wouldn’t change foresight by any chance of the imagination. For the likeliness to change it for the better, for one remains it to be status quo. If one doesn’ t like another for some or many reasons tolerance comes into play. This may result in the fact of this trait being shown in one or a perhaps many. For it is natural for one not to like all who comes in contact with oneself. For one must achieve their utmost and go beyond that in accomplishments; if one is given thus has the chance to excel in whatever and wherever their desires and sometimes the needs are in life. This may come in the most unlikely places and circumstances. If one attempts to search for this, it isn’t to be found readily, however it will be there if one doesn’t anticipate, it just appears out of nowhere. Yet it was deeply hidden deep within one’s soul; only to have the opportunity to shine brightly characteristicly as a brilliant star forever shining in the nighttime, clarity of the universe. Am now reading the book ” Five Past Midnight In Bhopal”by Dominique La Pierre and Javier Moro. Enjoying and learning as well. It is an edifier. This is done when at leisure when sitting outside of the neighborhood while enjoying the sunny, mornings,afternoons, and early evenings, while the daily pandemonium conducively to this sort of book.

Entry for July 14, 2008 “Lies”

July 14, 2008

Lies may in fact take in numerous forms. In general conversations between others, one may debate if half truths which are just enough to tell the other questioned without going into detailed wording to satisfy the person’s curiosity.Are half truths lies? Others will just tell another what what to hear to spare the feelings,they use that in justification. Is mental reservation in the same category when one is speaking of a lie? Mental reservation is used if one is alone and someone comes to their door and asks if someone else is there. And the one questioned says something to the fact as yes or makes up a believable story only in the attempt of protecting oneself. One always recognises and out in out lie. In the court of law it is called perjury, whether or not the lie is compounded. There is a term called psychopatic liar; not knowing that the lies are in fact what they are and not having the power to have the knowledge to see the difference. It is most unsettling to have the cognizance that children at a very young age are trained to lie be their parents and family. This starts at the age of two or when the child is ready to speak and the child will receive retribution for their actions. So when the child becomes older the lies are in continuance and are more intense. So when the child becomes an adolesant, teenager or young adult; it becomes a natural ability.They will lie about themselves both in a minor and major terms. And their whole life is a lie and a series of lies for they are not able to change this shameful habit without a forcible action taken. These person are programe and one must focus to gentle deprogramming. For their minds are like computers as all minds are; some have nil info and some have a great deal of info, and in this case it is twisted. A postscript to yesterday’s blog that was a lesson in honesty and he eschanged with me his birthday and some other item which isn’t recalled at this moment. However in mentioning it is was about honesty,which is the best policy and can be done as a fault. Yet all in all it is truly the way to react.

Entry for July 13, 2008 ” Take It In Stride” Part2

July 13, 2008

This epic is a continuance from the previous one created which when editing it sounded like a drama. One must have their own life’s pleasures, annoyances and esperiences to make life have diversity which is the spice and makes life on a whole most interesting. And one must take this conglomeration and take it in stride. Now on with this topic is as follows. Noticing that one of my nieces Christal appeared with my screenname, this was to my advantage for I didn’t want the person to actually know who I really was, and besides using yahoo messenger this first time I didn’t know how to change it. I am happily to report that I’ve change it to my own name shortly after this happened. Ask him if Thomas Hardy was his name and not to be redundant, he added it was a famous writer; which it is b/c I looked it up briefly on the borders before creating this.On the subjectt on sports, said that I like ice hockey(my favourite) and soccer. He said liked soccer and crittete and I said that I had seen it played. He asked if I had children and I said I have two grown sons and four grandchildren. He said that he has four sons and a daughter and one son has five children. Discussed if anyone was viewing the content of the conversations and he said that he had his own computer and was at home and I had the same and was in the same place. Asked if I liked the environs and I said no not really and he unloaded it. His salutations were the same as the previous day very affectionately. One the subject of children, I said that I had two sons one in Seattle ; his name is Andre,but never did I say anything of the other son. There was a misunderstanding of the number of children. He said did I have five grandchildren and was the one as a result of my son’s girlfriend. I said no. He asked who I lived with, and I said I lived with friends. He said he lived with his children and wife. And I said you should be a friend to her and close to her. And he said he would be a good and close friend to me as well. I said you have issues. He said that he is honest and honest with anybody; is that bad. He asked if I was angry and I said disappointed. He said esplain please and I said it doesn’t matter.I said Goodbye and he said Please and it was hyphenated. I clicked ignore. Finesse to the drama thusfar. This is happily done. It was giving me stress just blogging it. Was to give the reader a picture of it and tried not to leave out anything of pertinency.

Entry for July 12, 2008″ Take It In Stride” Part1

July 12, 2008

One would suppose this slogan could refer to life’s esperiences if one has thoughts in that direction or it may not; it could pertain to life’s annoyances as well. Or it could in correlation. One must be grateful for the various beverages, both cold and hot, coffees, teas and alcohol to be able to cope with it. Then one may take it in stride. One esperience that this blogger had just recently is as follows; when finishing my daily sites months ago on the computer a name from someone who was not familiar to my answering. At the time a storm was approaching and so it was necessary to turn off the computer. Didn’t think anymore about it. This happened with my yahoo messenger. Never did im with yahoo but did with aol buddy chat and did that a while with a special someone. So a couple of days ago, was on my son Ian’s website and that same screenname appeared. The environs had falling red hearts and once in a while it had red letters with the word buzz in capitals,and an imprint of rid lips of a month. And the screenname was a combination of the person’s name, which was thomas hardy; so he said the formalities and asked if I would be his friend. My response was yeah sure why not, and thought nothing to loose. He asked where are you; my response was the usa and he said he was in India. I asked where, he said Calcutta.He said are you an Indian settled in the usa. I said no. Then I said I was busy and said bye for now and he answered when will he chat with me again; gave him not an answer. That was the first day. His salutations were affectionately sounded and mine weren’t and noncommittal. Then the following day the same chatting happened yet more in depth. With my attention to not let my guard down and to be very observant. Asked if that name was Irish, he said he is Indian. Asked if that was a shorten name of his own original name and he said yes. I asked him that b/c when I were talking to the students from the University of Alabama they would invent names that sounded American so as that they would have a better way of blending into society. For esample if the person’s name began with the letters victor he would be called that by Americans and in school whereas his name would originally have sixteen to twenty four letters. Eager to continue this epic tomorrow.

Entry for July 10, 2008″ Summer”

July 10, 2008

In this season of summer it is filled with traveling to various places, both near and far. Taking boatrides on the leisurely lake, perhaps a picnic is in store for the chosen few, in a nearby park. What a relasing time that is? And many will enjoy summer romances too. It is a special time to spend with family and friends too.And yet one may also enjoy the time of the season’s storms which occur when the warmth is to intense and while that is happening one may see a music video at the same time. Was watching the Cure music video the last time of the thunderstorm, it was very nice. In the evening the coolness of the day winds down; as this day was very warm. Did some yard work, mowed the back lawn, did some laundry and put it to dry outside then had to take it in rapidly b/c of the fast storms approaching; finished drying it in the dryer in the basement. Called my friend and she was chatting about the scene at the lake; a monochromatic which is one color with different shades. There were many ducks and geese surrounding the lake too. The description of it must have been overwhelming.This was shortly aften the storm. A good book is always good at this time of year. Finished the book by Pete Hamill called” Loving Women” It was very uniquely written in a sensitive, intriguing and with finesse. Surprisingly it came to completion in record time; one just had the inkling to find what was the outcome. He has such an art in writing. Have others in a series, yet taking a small break now. In the warmer season it is good to hear certain types of music too; for it makes the day more enjoyable. One may enjoy a cold beverage, some italien ice, ice cream of the favourite flavours; regardless of the bourgeosie. It is time to have an easygoing, less stressful moments which inturn persons may rejuvenate oneself in a positive way. Always taking a stroll in one’s environs gives one the energy to come to terms healthwise.

Entry for July 09, 2008″ Heroes, A Continuing Saga”

July 9, 2008

The modern day abolitionists are heroes in this continuing saga which is newsworthy to note and to bring attention to events that are necessarily ignored by the onlooking populace and the governments in charge. In some cases the members of the socalled are involved in this process. The added knowledge in which one has had as a result of this monstrous crime against the innocents, in truly heartrending and emotional to the nonparticipant and indeed moreso to the implicated. One certainly has to give credit to the news team, the couragous reporter, the news photographer; these person are in a sense abolitionists for the mere fact of drawing attentiveness to this altruism which is defined as the unselflish regard for the welfare of others. It is destressing, trembling and yet to have detachment would be ever moreso. To have the inclination and incisiveness to have the realisation that it is happening in Port O Prince, Haiti and further bartering is going on in Central Park, New York City, USA; that is a direct slam to this country as to the allowable transactions. And most of all why is it being allowed in the first place? Where are the Guardian Angels now? Some reason they are unaware of the events. And perhaps if known would they have permission legally b/c it is another country? Knowing that it is now known more persons will come forth to be abolitionists and do their own part in rectifying this unspeakable predicament. There are twenty seven million children who are slaves to their owners. The local pastor in Haiti found a girl who was sold by her parents and ended up adopting her and she is in the process of being educated. An idea would be good to have the three part documentary by Dan Harris to be sold in dvd and the profits for that go to a just cause. And the book by E Benjamin Skinner go to the same just cause and evenually the world may hope to eradicate this. That is where hope comes to realisation.Moreso laws could be activated within in state of New York and enforced estensively.