Entry for July 08, 2008 “Heroes”

Heroes come far and inbetween. These are estraordinary deeds which are perform on a daily bases without any form whatsoever in the sense of recognition. One comes to mind, a retired school teacher who is eighty years of age and devotes her time and energy b/c she is an abolitionist. She alone with her savre faire, has freed thousands if not millions of young girls from slavery. In countries as Napal, India,Pakistan, Afghanistan, in the Eurasia, and in Central and South America; and in some of the countries in Africa. Boys and girls are sold by their parents and are made to do housecleaning and other chores and for that matter anything their masters tell them to do. In the course of time these young children are abused in many ways. It is very disturbing to the readers. These children aren’t allowed to have formal schooling of any kind. One may ask the question; do these parents love these children. And the sorrowful answer is yes.These children are bought by the well-to-do and by the wealthy.Knowing there is class within these countries, it is somewhat pemissable in their way of thinking. And so why do they go to such estreme measures. It is mainly b/c of the most dire poverty. The poverty is never in comparable as it would be in this country. This is a form of survival for the children. One must never judge the practices of other countries. And one must never think the practices of their own country is better than the one in question. There are far better and more outreaching and unknown reasons as to why these situations happen in the first place. This abolitionist knows that this deed is definitely not accepted civilly and rightfully so. She is going about it peacefully and in a most refined and gentile matter. And in the years to come history will be written for the generations to read. And saying that she has made a true difference in the world and hopefully others will follow the leadership in which she aspires and attains.

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