Entry for July 09, 2008″ Heroes, A Continuing Saga”

The modern day abolitionists are heroes in this continuing saga which is newsworthy to note and to bring attention to events that are necessarily ignored by the onlooking populace and the governments in charge. In some cases the members of the socalled are involved in this process. The added knowledge in which one has had as a result of this monstrous crime against the innocents, in truly heartrending and emotional to the nonparticipant and indeed moreso to the implicated. One certainly has to give credit to the news team, the couragous reporter, the news photographer; these person are in a sense abolitionists for the mere fact of drawing attentiveness to this altruism which is defined as the unselflish regard for the welfare of others. It is destressing, trembling and yet to have detachment would be ever moreso. To have the inclination and incisiveness to have the realisation that it is happening in Port O Prince, Haiti and further bartering is going on in Central Park, New York City, USA; that is a direct slam to this country as to the allowable transactions. And most of all why is it being allowed in the first place? Where are the Guardian Angels now? Some reason they are unaware of the events. And perhaps if known would they have permission legally b/c it is another country? Knowing that it is now known more persons will come forth to be abolitionists and do their own part in rectifying this unspeakable predicament. There are twenty seven million children who are slaves to their owners. The local pastor in Haiti found a girl who was sold by her parents and ended up adopting her and she is in the process of being educated. An idea would be good to have the three part documentary by Dan Harris to be sold in dvd and the profits for that go to a just cause. And the book by E Benjamin Skinner go to the same just cause and evenually the world may hope to eradicate this. That is where hope comes to realisation.Moreso laws could be activated within in state of New York and enforced estensively.

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