Entry for July 10, 2008″ Summer”

In this season of summer it is filled with traveling to various places, both near and far. Taking boatrides on the leisurely lake, perhaps a picnic is in store for the chosen few, in a nearby park. What a relasing time that is? And many will enjoy summer romances too. It is a special time to spend with family and friends too.And yet one may also enjoy the time of the season’s storms which occur when the warmth is to intense and while that is happening one may see a music video at the same time. Was watching the Cure music video the last time of the thunderstorm, it was very nice. In the evening the coolness of the day winds down; as this day was very warm. Did some yard work, mowed the back lawn, did some laundry and put it to dry outside then had to take it in rapidly b/c of the fast storms approaching; finished drying it in the dryer in the basement. Called my friend and she was chatting about the scene at the lake; a monochromatic which is one color with different shades. There were many ducks and geese surrounding the lake too. The description of it must have been overwhelming.This was shortly aften the storm. A good book is always good at this time of year. Finished the book by Pete Hamill called” Loving Women” It was very uniquely written in a sensitive, intriguing and with finesse. Surprisingly it came to completion in record time; one just had the inkling to find what was the outcome. He has such an art in writing. Have others in a series, yet taking a small break now. In the warmer season it is good to hear certain types of music too; for it makes the day more enjoyable. One may enjoy a cold beverage, some italien ice, ice cream of the favourite flavours; regardless of the bourgeosie. It is time to have an easygoing, less stressful moments which inturn persons may rejuvenate oneself in a positive way. Always taking a stroll in one’s environs gives one the energy to come to terms healthwise.

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