Entry for July 12, 2008″ Take It In Stride” Part1

One would suppose this slogan could refer to life’s esperiences if one has thoughts in that direction or it may not; it could pertain to life’s annoyances as well. Or it could in correlation. One must be grateful for the various beverages, both cold and hot, coffees, teas and alcohol to be able to cope with it. Then one may take it in stride. One esperience that this blogger had just recently is as follows; when finishing my daily sites months ago on the computer a name from someone who was not familiar to my answering. At the time a storm was approaching and so it was necessary to turn off the computer. Didn’t think anymore about it. This happened with my yahoo messenger. Never did im with yahoo but did with aol buddy chat and did that a while with a special someone. So a couple of days ago, was on my son Ian’s website and that same screenname appeared. The environs had falling red hearts and once in a while it had red letters with the word buzz in capitals,and an imprint of rid lips of a month. And the screenname was a combination of the person’s name, which was thomas hardy; so he said the formalities and asked if I would be his friend. My response was yeah sure why not, and thought nothing to loose. He asked where are you; my response was the usa and he said he was in India. I asked where, he said Calcutta.He said are you an Indian settled in the usa. I said no. Then I said I was busy and said bye for now and he answered when will he chat with me again; gave him not an answer. That was the first day. His salutations were affectionately sounded and mine weren’t and noncommittal. Then the following day the same chatting happened yet more in depth. With my attention to not let my guard down and to be very observant. Asked if that name was Irish, he said he is Indian. Asked if that was a shorten name of his own original name and he said yes. I asked him that b/c when I were talking to the students from the University of Alabama they would invent names that sounded American so as that they would have a better way of blending into society. For esample if the person’s name began with the letters victor he would be called that by Americans and in school whereas his name would originally have sixteen to twenty four letters. Eager to continue this epic tomorrow.

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